A Guide to Raising Children With The Catholic Faith

Image by stempow from Pixabay 

One of the most important aspects of raising a child is to encourage their spiritual beliefs on a daily basis. During a child’s Baptism, the priest often reminds the parents of this paramount task.

Let’s take a moment and explore a few ideas that will help encourage your children to explore the Catholic faith.

Creating A Circle Of Support

Despite what you may think, you are not the only family trying to raise a family surrounded by faith. It is best to surround yourself with other families on a similar journey. Reach out to other families during VBS, preschool, the Mom’s Club, and other events throughout the parish. By linking your families together, you are growing stronger and more resilient.

Go To Mass

We all know the importance of mass not only for individuals but for the entire family. While it can be difficult to find time with a growing family, it is important and should not be missed.

Lean On Our Lady For Assistance

During the Advent season, it is wise to have Mary on your mind. She understands the difficult times of a mother, from the pains and discomfort of pregnancy to the struggles of raising children.

Visit The Confessional

Parenting children in our faith is going to require a great deal of patience and grace. Never ignore the overall benefits of visiting the confession. Bring your children with you, so they get a better understanding of what is happening.

Protect Their Ears And Minds

Every single day families are bombarded with many anti-Christian messages. Sex is a huge part of this, it sells everything from soda to hamburgers.

Know what your children are being exposed to through the media, in magazines, movies, television and the internet. Protect Their Innocence

Always be the number one example in their lives.

How can one expect their children to live a good life, if you are not the one leading them in that direction? Let them see you visit Eucharistic Adoration, Confession, and Mass. Let them know when you are giving money to the church that they understand where it goes.


Always read your Bible and encourage your children to do the same. Share various Bible stories with them and teach them the stories of the Saints. Teach them about the various roles of the deacons, priests, and others in church and pass it on to your children.  There will be plenty of child-friendly books to keep their interest available at a Catholic shop. 

Make A Priest A Part Of The Family

We had a priest we absolutely adored, and while he has since moved on, we consider him a part of the family. Throughout the past ten years, he has seen us through a wedding, confirmation, and multiple baptisms. We hope he will be available for our own children when they are married.

We see him every chance we get, send gifts and cards throughout the seasons, and always keep him in our prayers.

Explore Church With Your Family

Try to get to Mass either early or stay late one day. Allow your children to explore their surroundings by touching the Holy Water, listening to the music or in some cases the soothing silence, and smelling the candles and incense. Allow them to explore the various parts of the sanctuary and altar, the statues of Mary and Joseph, and allow them to get interested.

Pray With Your Children

A family rosary is a gorgeous thing, however, you must start out small. You can start out with ‘Bless Us O Lord’ before meals, and always end the night with a bedtime prayer.

One can even teach young children to learn the Hail Mary or Our Father. Look for Catholic prayer books that are designed for families and young children. These will help to inspire the family to recite their favorites as well as some new ones.