9 Tips on Choosing the Right Flowers for Mother’s Day

The right flowers can make a difference for your mother on Mother’s Day. So, don’t just simply choose any flower to make a bouquet and give a flower. Put some thought into it in the selection and you will definitely be able to make her smile when she receives the flower. The following are 9 tips on selecting the right flowers for Mother’s Day.

1. Give Flowers with Your Mother’s Favourite Colour

Firstly, you should determine if your mother has any favorite color and try to incorporate these color into the bouquet. By observing your mother’s items, you will be able to know what color she likes. She may also have mentioned to you about her favorite color. Mother’s Day is a spring occasion so make sure your bouquet is colorful. The flower should also match with the color theme of the vase.

2. Consider Her Favourite Flower

Besides the color, consider whether your mother has any favorite flower that is commonly sent on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day flower bouquet doesn’t have to be all carnations. You can mix carnations with other types of her favorite flowers such as daffodils, orchids, lilies, tulips, sunflowers, roses, and azaleas. If you don’t know how to mix flowers to make a bouquet, just ask the salesperson to help you to pick some flowers suitable for Mother’s Day occasion.

3. Choose Flowers with Symbolic Meaning

You can also choose flowers based on their symbolic meaning. Carnations mean purity, beauty, and charity which are applicable to the virtues of motherhood. Gerbera daisies which look a lot like sunflower represents cheerfulness. Tulips represent happiness which is the perfect way that you want your mother to happy all the time.  For Azaleas, it represents womanhood in Asian tradition which makes it the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Daylilies are another special flower that people often give on Mother’s Day. Daylilies are also an Asian emblem that represents motherhood in Asian tradition.

4. Choose the Right Size of Bouquet

There are many sizes of Mother’s Day bouquet including single flower, small and large bouquets. It is not necessarily that a big bouquet is always the best. Ask yourself if your mother like to get a single flower or a bouquet for Mother’s Day. Did she tell you about what flower she hopes to get on Mother’s Day? For example, she told you she wants a small bouquet of flowers for use as a decorative centerpiece at home for Mother’s Day.

5. Set a Budget for the Mother’s Day Flower

Mother’s Day flowers can get expensive especially if you are buying it on the day of the occasion. To keep within a budget, determine how much you can spend on the Mother’s Day flower. Usually, it will cost at least $25 – $80. One way to save on Mother’s Day flower is to pre-order them in advanced. If you are ordering them online, you can also use the coupon code to save money.

6. Get the Flowers Locally or at an Online Florist Store

You can go to Yelp and read reviews on different brick and mortar florist store in Baltimore when buying the flowers. A more convenient way of shopping for the Mother’s Day bouquet is to visit the online florist store. Some local florist stores in Baltimore also have online stores. There are also online international florist stores that prepare flowers for delivery to worldwide destinations every day. The advantage of buying the flowers online is that you have more variety to choose from and the price of the flower is also cheaper compared to the local florists.

7. Include a Card in the Mother’s Day Bouquet

Before giving your mother the bouquet, include a greeting card or a note card. Don’t give a blank Mother’s Day card without any message in it. Write something in the card to show that you are giving the flower sincerely. Most online florist stores allow you to add a card in the flower bouquet for free. They may also have the message entered in the card with a custom handwriting.

8. Scheduling the Flower Delivery

If you order the flower online, it is important that your mother is available to receive the flower when it is delivered. To make sure she is available, give her a call and tell her to be at home at the time the flower is delivered. If she is a busy woman, ask when she will be at home and schedule the flower to be sent at that time and date. If you are afraid she is not at home, just have the flower sent to you and then take the flowers to your mother yourself on Mother’s Day.

9. Wait for Confirmation of the Flower Delivery

The last step is to wait for the flowers to arrive at your mother’s address. You will want to receive confirmation that the flower has arrived safely. If there is any problem with the flower, ask her to take a picture of the flower and send it to you via email. You can then forward the picture and the order receipt to the customer service to claim the guarantee policy.

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  • June 4, 2019 at 3:10 AM

    I feel it is better to give her what she likes rather than searching blogs for it. However, if you don’t know what your mom likes then the best would be to bring her red roses or any other color roses.

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