8 Tips when Traveling with your Pets

Traveling with your four-legged pal may be a dream come true as they are a part of your family. Most of us love them like our babies and wouldn’t want to go anywhere without them.

Taking your pets on a road trip, or a plane requires proper planning. Try to find the safest and most comfortable mode of transportation for so that they don’t get exhausted and are able to enjoy the most with you.

Here are a few things that you should be taking care of:

1.      Make an appointment with your vet before departing:

It might not be a good idea to tag along with your pet if it is not well and had health issues in the past. The vet can better explain if your pet needs any extra medicines or vaccines.

Make sure to buy all the required medicines and carry them along. Also, don’t forget the prescription.

2.      Take sufficient water and food for your pet:

Make sure to pack sufficient food supplies from home. Stop shops or tuck shops at the airport or gas station might not have what your pet loved.

Dogs enjoy shrimp and a lot more foods, but if your pet is used to one specific food then trying to feed him something else may be troublesome.

3.      Don’t forget to keep track of their play and potty while traveling:

Traveling can be tiring for your pet. Allow them to relax and also keep an eye on their potty, especially when you are on a road trip.

4.      Don’t repeat your travel mistakes:

Traveling with a pet can be a scary experience, especially if it is your first time. You need to make sure your pet is used to travel so get ready to do some homework.

Take the animal on some trips around town. You can start with short journeys and then eventually move to longer hours so that your pet is comfortable when you two finally embark on a long trip.

5.      Pet rules for a flight:

If you’ve chosen to fly with your pet, you should know all the rules and regulations for the safety of your pet and fellow passengers.

Some flights may not allow pets at all – some may not allow them to travel with you. So make sure to do some homework and pick an airline that welcomes pets.

In addition to this, most airlines will put the pet in cargo so make sure to take care of a cage or leash.

You can find such policies on the website but if there is any confusion then make sure to directly call the airline and ask questions. You must do it before you book tickets.

Also, you may have to pay separately for your pet.

6.      Make sure your pet is wearing a registered ID card:

This is the most important one; start by registering your pet and make sure it wears the ID card on its collar at all times when out of town.

The card should have your number written clearly so in case of an unforeseen emergency you are reachable as soon as possible.

7.      Use a suitable carrier for the safety of your pet:

The carrier should be secured to the seat of the car or plane or on the floor. Also, invest in some accessories, such as a nice toy. You may not be able to play with your pet during the journey. During such times, your pet must have a toy to keep him occupied.

8. Check With the Hotel as Well

If you are going to stay at a hotel, make sure to pick one that is pet-friendly. Not all hotels welcome pets. Some have stringent policies so do some research and pick a place that does not only welcome pets but also provides them with a good atmosphere.

Many people travel with their pets. It may be a bit excruciating if you’re traveling for the first time with your pet, but these tips will surely help you. The key lies in staying calm and doing some research.