7 Tips to Rock Your Next School Fundraiser

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You’re gearing up for this semester’s big fundraiser. Are you prepared to exceed your fundraising targets and give your kids everything they need for a successful season?

No matter how many times you’ve been to this rodeo, you could be missing something important. Read on for a handy checklist to rocking the raise.

1. Think Outside the Box

Do you know how your fundraiser will look yet? If not, that’s your first order of business. A compelling fundraising hook is absolutely essential to a successful raise, especially as the holidays approach and you’re chasing donations along with everyone and their mother. Review these ideas for school fundraising to make sure you’re on the right track.

2. Get Buy-in From the Kids

Your kids are your fundraiser’s secret weapon. Get them on board with age-appropriate responsibilities, like tabling outside the supermarket or making calls to parents (they’ll think it’s cute, promise) to ask for help. They’re the reason you’re doing this, after all. Why not make it a teachable moment?

3. Enlist Fellow Parents to Help

Adults can play at this game, too. Identify a handful of other parents who’ve previously expressed willingness to help raise funds for your organization; the exact number will depend on how much you need to raise and how long you have to do it. Divvy up planning and execution responsibilities in time- and talent-appropriate fashion.

4. Set Up a Fundraising Thermometer

Digital or IRL, it doesn’t really matter. Everyone loves a good fundraising thermometer, and you’ll appreciate the visual aid as you work closer to your goal. If you do choose to set up a physical thermometer, place it somewhere you know you have permission to do so — but preferably on school grounds, to maximize visibility with likely donors.

5. Inject Seasonally Appropriate Themes 

Rocking a fall fundraiser? You can’t go wrong with spooky Halloween decorations or comforting Thanksgiving tableaus. Asking small-dollar donors to drop cash in a plastic pumpkin might not increase giving on the spot, but it could plant the seed for donors who forgot their wallets that day. 

6. Keep Your Goals Realistic 

When you’re just trying to reach low Earth orbit, you don’t need to shoot for the moon. 

In other words, keep your fundraising goals realistic. Don’t budget for things your kid’s team or club doesn’t really need and don’t make allowances for a massive surplus either. At this level, rainy day funds aren’t really a thing.

7. Create a Web Presence for Your Fundraiser

Lastly, put yourself in a position to promote your fundraiser on social media. For short fundraisers, don’t bother creating new social media accounts. Instead, turn up a basic website with a donation page and use existing channels to push traffic there.

You’ve Got This

Think of the kids.

No, really. Think of the kids. You’re doing all this for them, after all.

In truth, you’ve accomplished far greater things in your life and career than pulling off a successful school fundraiser. Raising kids is hard work; in comparison, making sure their team or club is set up for success is a piece of cake.

So, sit back. Follow these tips. And know that you’ve got this, really and truly.

Here’s to rocking your next school fundraiser.

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