7 Must-Have Garage Tools for DIY Projects and Repairs

A well-equipped garage is a very useful home investment. Check out our list of essential garage tools and you’ll be prepared for any project or repair.

Homeowners spend about 1 percent of their homes’ values on maintenance and repairs each year. With all these projects and repairs, are you ready? Do you have the right tools to tackle these projects or to repair your car?

A well-equipped garage is a very useful home investment. Check out our list of essential garage tools and you’ll be prepared for any project or repair.

1. Power Tools

You can choose to rent power tools, but some of these tools you may need often. You need these tools in your garage for regular use:

A cordless drill can open and tighten bolts and screws on your home. A high-speed Dremel tool is also another versatile tool for home and auto projects. You can find some grinders at Precision Tools.

2. Bench

You need a secure area to do your work. A good workbench is a valuable investment. Look for something heavy and sturdy enough to not move while you are working.

You also need some storage areas to hold the tools while you work. You can get pegboards above the bench. Also, make sure you have plenty of lighting around your bench work area.

3. Air Compressor

You may not think an air compressor is a necessity, but once you have one, you will learn how valuable it really is. You can use it to clean your bench, inflate tires, blow-up inflatables, or use specialized tools to paint or stain.

You may want to consider buying more pressure than you think. Having a more powerful machine will let you do more projects down the road.

4. Storage

Along with storage around your workbench, you need an organized workshop to help and store your tools. You should consider a mix of storage shelves and tool boxes. Another option to consider is a tall tool box with wheels, so you can move it easily.

5. Hand Tools

Everybody needs basic hand tools for all projects. Here is a list of small tools you need:

  • Level
  • Screwdrivers (flathead and Phillips)
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Pliers (both vice grip and needle nose)
  • Wrenches (both socket and crescent)
  • Tape measure
  • Hex keys

You may want to start building up this collection first. Hand tools take up less room and are easy to store if you live in a small space.

6. Safety Tools

Safety is important and you should not overlook having a few safety tools. You should have at least a bench vise, fire extinguisher, and safety goggles. If you work on cars, make sure you have some good jack stands or a car lift.

Other priority safety tools include:

  • Work gloves
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit

You should have these items for all projects to protect yourself.

7. Cleaning Supplies

You don’t want to work in a dirty space, so you should consider having a few cleaning tools to keep your space tidy. A wet/dry Shop Vac is one of the best cleaning tools for a garage.

It’s also important to have a push broom to help clean the floor. You may also want to consider a pressure washer to clean up any spills. You can also use a pressure washer to clean around your home, patio, and also the driveway.

Garage Tools Conclusion

Now you know the garage tools you need. Check out our site for other information to live your life in the Baltimore area including area news, reviews, and special reports.