6 Tactics To Make Compulsory Safety Training More Fun & Engaging

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

It’s no secret that hardly anyone feels excited about safety training no matter how aware they are of its importance. Employees have to go through compulsory training by safety course companies as it is a useful skill that they must possess. But if they aren’t engaged, they may not be able to get the most out of it.

Thankfully, there are ways to ensure that employees are engaged as well as interested in learning safety training. We have gathered valuable advice from industry experts and safety professionals to help you create an impactful yet fun training session for your employees. So, here are 6 tactics to make safety training more fun & engaging in the workplace:

Structure the training in short sections:

It is never fun sitting for hours listening to a long lecture about a certain topic that just keeps growing. When you schedule training in short bursts with every session focused on one topic only, employees are able to consume information better.

You can focus on a topic, have a hands-on demonstration and encourage participation to have an information-rich session. This leads to better retention of information and prevents employees from feeling bored or tired.

Incorporate relevant examples:

Sometimes it can get really complicated to convey certain safety training topics. To combat such situations, you can include real-life scenarios or relevant examples to better explain a topic and elaborate on it by recreating it through characters.

For instance, you can provide a TV show reference to point out a similar incident and share how it could have been handled better. This allows employees to relate to it on a personal level and can even invoke better understanding levels.

Use different learning styles:

A team is often a mixed bag of young millennials and veterans who have been with the company for long. To ensure everyone is involved and understands the concepts well, it is crucial to use different learning styles.

Some may learn better with visual aids, others may be comfortable listening to the instructors while some may prefer hands-on activities with demonstrations. When you incorporate different learning styles, it highly increases the level of engagement.

Infuse content with humor:

Safety training may be a serious topic but it doesn’t have to be a snoozefest. Use humor to convey information without taking away the seriousness of the issue at hand. A good joke at the right moment ensures employees are involved and learning.

Apart from jokes and poking fun at employees involved in the training, you can introduce humor in the videos being used as a part of the training. They will make the session interactive while conveying appropriate information.

Encourage games:

Grough activities and games are some of the best ways to make safety training fun. It can get tedious to just listen sitting in one place. Instead, you can introduce a game relevant to the current training topic and make everyone participate.

This has dual benefits. Firstly, you can ensure employees have actually understood a concept by their game performance; and secondly, it introduces a social engagement that will boost information retention.

Bring a professional onboard:

It is always inspiring learning from industry professionals and veterans who are known for their impressive work in the field. Even if they are not some well-known personality but the most experienced person in your company who your employee’s respect, it can turn into an enjoyable learning experience.

Safety training professionals know the best ways to get a message through to a group of learners. No matter how difficult or uninspiring the topic may be, they can keep employees engaged.


Employees can only retain knowledge and put it to practice if they are engaged during the training. The above-mentioned ideas will allow you to effectively impart knowledge and ensure employees have fun during the process.