Technology for Kitchen Appliances Must for Every Household

Image by Yao Charlen from Pixabay

For people who love a comfortable lifestyle, kitchen appliances are a must. Think about making Dalgona for example, the whisk almost sprains your wrist. If you have a hand blender, no sprain, no extra effort. The benefits of these machines have a huge impact on your hectic lifestyle.

These days your time is precious and you need alternatives to save it. Opt for appliances that are pocket friendly and customer friendly. You can choose from a variety of appliances according to your needs.

Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances:

Food Processor: You will observe that in a recipe the main time goes on preparing. From chopping ingredients to making the dough.

All these tiny little things when they come together take up about one hour or more of your time. Food Processor is your get-go in such cases. It’s a one in all appliance with designated machinery parts. It’ll help you to chop your ingredients into fine pieces for even cooking.

The processor saves time by making your dough at a much faster pace. Make sure you include this in your list.

Microwave Oven: In today’s generation we cannot imagine a household without a microwave. The benefits of this oven are endless. From baking cakes to heating food and boiling veggies, your oven does it all.

The best part is they do your task in mere minutes. A cake can be baked in 11 minutes in a microwave!

A microwave comes with varieties of accessories for frying and grilling as well. It has modes like a grill, convection for each function. So don’t wait if you don’t have one, buy now.

Juicer: If you are someone who loves your body and nurtures it, a Juicer is a must. Physically extracting the juice takes a lot of time. But you cannot compromise with your health hence a Juicer is a must.

All the solid parts of your fruits or veggies are mashed and extracted. You get the liquid which is full of nutrients and vitamins which helps you in building a good fit body. Sometimes the food product has a hard outer shell for those times a masticating juicer is recommended.

These juicers yield the liquid in larger amounts than usual juicers. If you are ready to invest some extra money then a masticating juicer is recommended. To make your juice more fresh and cold ice makers guide is necessary.

Hand Blender: If you are into baking then a hand blender is a must. In the recent trend of Dalgona coffee, the top foam is achieved by a lot of whisking. This whisking is a strenuous activity hence a hand blender.

A hand blender makes sure your battery is light, airy, and thick with no splits. It’s easy to use with a handle and comes in both manual mode and electronic mode.

For people having a low budget, a manual hand blender is recommended. Hand blenders in general are not a very pricey appliance.

Electric Kettle: One of the most important appliances especially if you live outside. It’s small, affordable, and becomes your best friend in dormitories. You can easily make any hot beverage using this kettle. Be it your morning tea, coffee or maybe some hot water this does it all. You can boil an egg using a kettle for your daily diets.

Instant food mixes like noodles and pasta can be made using this kettle and it tastes just fine. A lot of people don’t know that you can cook rice in your kettle. Yes, instant rice in 20 minutes, be careful while cleaning the kettle afterward. An electric kettle is a must buy in case you don’t have one.


This is a small guide that can help you in your daily life. In today’s hectic schedule people tend to order food to save time. But your task will be a lot faster and easier if you have these appliances at home.