5 Tips to Help You Create Incredible Instagram Live Videos

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Instagram evolved to become one of the leading platforms in terms of social media sites. And, since launching, Instagram Live, it has gotten even better. However, it’s not enough to simply know how to use social media. More importantly, you should know how to use the site well. This includes knowing the best social media feed WordPress, and all the necessary plugins to help you. In this article, we share with you the five best tips for creating kick-ass content for your Instagram Live session. Read on to learn more.

Be authentic (but professional)

The cardinal rule of creating Instagram Live videos is that you need to be as authentic and natural as possible. It means you should avoid reading from a script. Remember that people want to see your genuine human side. Now when social distancing is the new normal, people crave that authentic and real human connection. So, what are some of the ways to be most natural and real? Here are a couple of tips.

  • Don’t fear to be vulnerable
  • Communicate the same way you would do with a friendly workmate
  • Don’t be afraid to show emotion

But being natural does not mean that you start talking about your personal life like that doctor’s appointment you had last week. Instead, let your human side to shine through while connecting with your users over Instagram.

For example, you can talk about the impact of COVID-19 on your venture and even be emotional about that. But, do not dramatize it as it may make your viewers drop off. Even as you strive to be authentic, make sure you stay professional throughout.

Plan Well

At first, you might think that you will easily get on Instagram Live and start talking to your followers about the services you offer, it may not go the way you planned it in your head. While it is true that Instagram Live is characterized by a more casual and less pre-planned feel, the people who do it excellently usually plan out well in advance.

Setting good goals is a prerequisite for social media success. And the same applies to Instagram Live. Your goals should be SMART, which means, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

As well as putting objectives in place, you also need to plan and schedule your formats well. For instance, you need to decide in advance if your live stream will be involving a Q&A session. Other approaches that work for Instagram Live could be live-streaming an event, hosting an educational session, product preview, and even a tour of your office. Although the formats you can use are endless, you also need to come up with topics that will keep your viewers engaged.

Also, know all the apps and tools you will need, and that even include Instagram feeds WordPress.

Be Consistent

Few things are more crucial for your success than being consistent with your sessions. Whether you plan your live streams to be weekly, daily, or monthly, having schedules will boost your success significantly. For instance, you could schedule to do a story of your customers every week.

Another idea for real estate marketers is doing a show every week where you show your viewers the newest properties that you have. Whatever series you choose, tending towards educative content that your audience looks forward to every week is the best way to go.

I like the example of Sift Bake in Mystic, a Connecticut-based bakery firm. They have a weekly session called Ask Adam, where users can ask any question related to baking and they will be answered. Although it’s simple, it is a very effective way of engaging customers and keeping them coming back. Also, be consistent with the social media feed WordPress that you use.

Promote your live sessions

Apart from having consistent series and plans, you should also communicate these to your leads and customers. Although virtual, Instagram Live sessions are very similar to in-person events and should be treated as such. You should do thorough marketing to your audience so that all their questions of what, where, when, and why of your live event are answered.

Use your emails and other social channels to market your event. Also, it is important to ensure that these promotions are targeted to relevant audiences. For instance, if your live event is likely to be appealing to a certain segment of leads, come up with an email campaign that reaches out to these people. It will help to up their interest.

Engage with your attendees 

Instagram Live boasts of a nice feature, which is that it lets your audience members comment and interact with you in real-time. Although no doubt a great thing for your viewers, it can be quite overwhelming for presenters. However, do not engage with each comment. Also, you should always try to stay on track with your plans.

Still, this should be an opportunity for a real connection with your attendees. Whether it is answering a question from an audience member or thanking them for nice comment, giving your followers real-time attention is a sure way to make them get connected to your brand and feel special. You might need a hand to effectively handle all these live interactions. One helpful trick is to have your co-worker tracking the comments and starring the ones that need replying. Another option is to do a Q&A session at the tail end of the presentation to enable you to answer questions once you are done with the show.

Conclude with a CTA

The most effective way to end your Instagram Live event is with a call-to-action. This CTA needs to tie directly with the objectives you set out earlier. Whether it’s something like asking your followers to follow you or wanting them to fill a form, it’s important to make efforts towards accomplishing your main goal and getting your attendees to do a specific action.

When mentioning your CTA, however, you should not make it appear too pushy or salesy.


Creating an Instagram Live event takes a lot of planning and researching. You should also have clear goals that are also attainable. Make sure your event is well promoted on your different social channels as well as your emails, and engage with your attendees during the live event. After everything is said and done, don’t forget to end your show with a call to action that asks them to complete a specific task.