5 Reasons You Should Always Read Product Reviews First

Online shopping can be difficult—you can’t try the clothing on, you never know if a ring will fit, the colors might not appear the same in person, and you can’t be entirely sure about the product as a whole.

Appearances can be deceiving. Is the product as thick, durable, or soft as it looks through your computer screen? There isn’t a valid answer to these questions without reading the product’s reviews. Before purchasing everything in your cart, read on for the top five reasons why you should always read product reviews first.

1. Reviews share genuine experiences

If you’re debating on buying magnetic eyelashes, you will want to learn how to put on magnetic eyelashes ahead of time. The eyeliner must be applied first, as it contains magnetic properties. There are easy steps for application.

When your magnetic eyeliner is fully dry in 20 seconds, you can cut each magnetic lash to fit your eye size before applying the top lash strip—usually, people cut off one magnet during the trimming process. Then, you can apply each lash from the outer to the inner corner of your eye. You’ll notice the magnets on the false lashes’ lash line can only adhere to your magnetic eyeliner. Bottom false eyelashes are applied the same way; always cut the bottom strip to size.

This information teaches you how to put on magnetic lashes; it doesn’t explain how simple the application process might be. At least you know there will be no mess since no lash glue is required, only the liner. This is why reading customer reviews and feedback is important,  as you will know what to expect ahead of time. Customers share their experiences applying fake lashes over their natural lashes, without the hassle of glue. The good news is, customers said that the lashes provide easy access to the lash line and that they are merely extensions of your natural lash.

2. Diamonds Reviews Are Important

When you’re planning on buying diamonds in any form, you should read a review first. Agape Diamond reviews, for example, show an overall satisfaction rate of 4.8 stars. This is encouraging for someone interested in buying an engagement ring. The company’s lab diamonds exactly replicate that of a natural diamond. The appearance resembles a natural diamond closely, except there are no imperfections. Before ordering a lab-created diamond, read all of the reviews.

You can see ratings for the delivery time, price satisfaction, customer service, “would buy again,” and people who would recommend the company to friends and family members. You’ll see that their bands are solid gold, white gold, or platinum, not gold plated. You will likely feel comfortable with your purchase after reading the reviews about Agape Diamonds and reading about their free return policy.

3. A Product’s Description Can Be Vague

The product description on a company’s website will divulge some information about a product, albeit vague. When you take the time to read reviews, you can gain additional information. Check and see how many total stars the product received, and then scroll down for reviews from verified customers.

A common suggestion is to start off reading the one-star reviews, and then continue down the list in increments of one more star. By the end, you’ll be reading the best five-star reviews. If there is an abundance of one-star reviews, you might consider skipping over that product entirely.

4. When it Seems Too Good to Be True…

The old saying, ‘if something seems too good to be true then it probably is,’ holds accuracy. The majority of people have found amazing online deals at least once in their life. Usually, they impulsively order the product before checking the reviews. You thought you were purchasing a new kitchen table, but instead, you received a beautiful miniature dollhouse table. You can’t even use it.

Reading product reviews will help you assess if a deal is too good to be true. Customers will rant about being scammed. With some horrendous companies, the person on the other side of the computer screen will steal your credit card information, or they keep your money without sending your package. This is information you will want to know before spending money, and reading all of the reviews will help guide you.

5. Don’t Just Scan The Stars— Fake Reviews Exist

Amazon, among other online marketplaces, is notorious for fake product reviews. These places aren’t always the right place to read reviews. You can check other websites for reviews on the same exact product. Fake reviews can be made by competitors, in order to lower a store’s rating. Fake reviews also come from people hired by the store owner. Who knew you could make money for writing fake reviews?

You can keep an eye out for several red flags. The majority of products that only have five-star reviews, and thousands of them, might mean the words you’re reading in each review are deceitful. Observe the language that is used in each review— are there similarities?

Does each review boast about how amazing the product is, and that it practically saved the reviewer’s life? Red flag. It may even say “verified buyer,” yet many companies will resort to desperate measures to increase their monthly purchases. The fake product reviewers are paid to order, review, and then return the product.

These miracle deals can be genuine, but you’re most likely looking at a case of fake reviewing. Reading reviews before you purchase anything is crucial. And carefully scanning them for red flags is of equal importance.