5 Hacks for Making Sure Bedroom Furniture Will Fit in a Room

Many people need help finding furniture that fits the bedrooms they want to furnish. The problem stems from a combination of the size and shape of the room, but it’s also made worse by incorrect measurements, poor quality or design, and even just plain old bad luck. Here are five hacks for making sure your bedroom furniture will fit into any room.

1) Break Out Your Tape Measure

First things first – always use a tape measure when purchasing furniture. You can get away with buying pieces without measuring beforehand, but you don’t want to run into this kind of trouble later on because you didn’t take a few minutes to check measurements before purchasing items.

2) Check Your Bed Length

The second thing you want to check is the length of any bed where you plan to place new bedroom furniture. Trying to find pieces that will fit inside a short and narrow bedroom is one of the biggest problems people have when buying parts for their bedrooms, so make sure you get this right off the bat.

Take measurements to ensure that any bed will fit comfortably into your available space. You don’t want the headboard of your new bed sticking out into a hallway or the foot of it sticking out into a common area because you didn’t measure beforehand. Measurements matter!

3) Know Your Doorway Height and Width

The next thing to know is the height and width of any doorways your new furniture will have to go through to get into your room. If there are multiple doorways in your room, then make sure you measure each one individually – don’t take measurements for one door and assume it will be acceptable for all of them. If you are unsure which doorway will accept your furniture, then a general rule is to measure the depth of the door and add two inches to that measurement.

4) Check the Depth of Your Furniture

The next thing you want to do is check the depth of any new furniture you buy. If your furniture has drawers, you will need to factor in the space required for those drawers and make sure that they will be able to open fully to store and access whatever is inside them. You also want to check the depth of any chairs or beds that don’t have drawers – ensure that they are not too deep so they won’t stick out into smaller rooms and never open fully when sitting against a wall. You also want to check that they can fit inside your doorway – especially if you plan to buy a tall bed.

5) Measure Your Current Furniture

Finally, check the depth of any contemporary furniture in your room that won’t be replaced with new purchases. If you are placing new furniture in a space occupied by something else, make sure it isn’t too deep or wide to fit comfortably inside the room. You don’t want to place a bed in a small space and have it stick out into the hallway and never be able to open its drawers without hitting another piece of furniture.

Whether you buy a new bed, mattress, dresser, or all of these items, check all these notes, and then ensure that any new pieces you purchase will fit into your room.