4 Expedient Tips for Buying Cannabis Seeds for the First Time

Remember growing your first plants? Now, do you remember how hard it was to keep up with them and how upsetting it was when they wilted or died? Growing cannabis can be similar to growing different plants, flowers, vegetables, etc. or maybe a bit more complicated. With hundreds of strains to choose from and combinations of different breeds, brands, and seed banks, a lot of confusion can engulf you in purchasing and growing for the first time.

However, you have to start somewhere when you decide to give the plant a try. Its medical benefits aren’t just for people who can grow. The following are a few handy tips on CBD seed buying to get you started for good:

Personal Likings

When it comes to cannabis seeds, there is a lot to discover and decide. Buying the seeds for home growing isn’t a simple process. In fact, purchasing good cannabis seeds demands a lot of research. And after you get to know your seeds well, it all comes down to your likings and needs for cannabis to choose a species.

There are different types of seed types to choose from, including regular (original), feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. And there are different strain types, including Sativa, Indica, hybrid, and several others, and their subcategories. Depending on your needs for growing and intake, you can match different seed types to strains and get your dream plants.


Cannabis may have been popularized widely in the world; however, there are still many places where it isn’t allowed. There can be several states, sites, or provinces in the world where the use and growing of cannabis are banned or restricted. Hence, when buying cannabis or its seeds online, make sure that you’re following the rules. Also, validate that the seller is providing legal products and has no issues with the polices. There are many great seed providers in the whole world, which can be ordered from anywhere that are reliable and safe to use, committing to rules and regulations.


Cannabis providers and sites all must have specific certificates and licenses that make them legible to sell their stuff. So before purchasing, always look for these identifications and paperwork and other authentication. Some providers can also deliver rip-offs instead of quality seeds.

Make sure to identify growable seeds from bad or underdeveloped seeds so you can get your money back in case of bad business. Read reviews on the different seed banks and devise a plan for choosing between providers. Several Australian seed banks are also known for their quality products, so check them out as well.

First-time buyers and growers have to be very careful when buying the seeds as they don’t have the idea about complications and qualities. That’s why it’s best to start with an experiment-able price. Some providers like to overprice their products and fool new buyers into getting them for “quality”. These are just rip-offs, and they have no guarantee that they work any better than the regularly priced products. So always start slow at buying cannabis for the first few times and get some more knowledge and growing skills. After that, you can buy any strain and type to grow in your dwelling as per requirements.


Feature Image by 7raysmarketing from Pixabay