4 Different Types of Lashes

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

The world of false eyelashes can be really intimidating if you’re a beginner! Odds are that you’ve seen plenty of mishaps with traditional strip lashes where they go on crooked, with glue all over the place, or end up flopping off your eyelid at some point during the day. And while this definitely does happen, it doesn’t have to! There are so many different types of lashes out there that each have their own pros and cons. So before you start experimenting with fake lashes, you should definitely learn about the different types available so that you can start off slow and with practice be able to flawlessly apply the biggest and boldest lashes around!

Individual Fake Lashes

If you really want to customize your look, then individual fake lashes are the way to go! That being said, these can be pretty difficult and extremely time-consuming to apply since you are literally applying a single lash at a time. That being said, they are probably best for the pros who are familiar with how to apply fake eyelashes and use lash glue properly without adding too much. Nonetheless, they are a great option for people who are looking for a more natural look, as these come in many different lengths and can even be trimmed to get the correct length for a natural yet flared look. You don’t even have to apply them to your entire eyelid — it’s great for filling in patches or supplementing the ends of your lashes for a fuller look.

Cluster Fake Lashes

If you are a total beginner in the fake eyelashes game, then we recommend that you start out with cluster lashes. Cluster lashes are a lot like individual lashes, but they come in small clusters of maybe 10 or so individual fibers. This method can still be pretty time-consuming if you want to apply them throughout your entire lash line, but it is easier for beginners since they are smaller and easier to maneuver than traditional strip lashes.

Strip Fake Lashes

Then we have strip fake eyelashes. These are definitely the most common type of fake eyelash and are probably what you picture when you think about buying fake lashes. This type of lashes consists of a band that goes across the entire eyelid with the lash fibers attached to the band. So while you only have one thing to apply, there’s definitely less room for error since you have to get the entire thing in the exact right spot or else it won’t look right. Strip fake lashes are definitely something that you can work up to and learn with a little bit of practice. After all, they are super popular with everyone from celebrities to businesswomen alike to provide a wide range of lash styles from low-profile and natural to big, bold, and beautiful.

Eyelash Extensions

If you are totally dedicated to your eyelash game and don’t want to go through the hassle of applying fake lashes every day, then you should definitely look into eyelash extensions. This requires a professional application process that will provide you with semi-permanent fake lashes that can last for up to six weeks with the proper care. Individual lashes are applied to the lash line with a stronger adhesive product so that they can survive showering, swimming, eye makeup, etc. However, these lashes can cost a pretty penny and need constant upkeep — so definitely consider this before you book your appointment.

As you can see, there are a few different fake lash types out there to choose from. So before buying fake eyelashes, think about your skill level, the quality, the application process, and the upkeep so that you can make the best decision and be totally satisfied with your falsies!