3 Unique Ways to Add CBD to Your Wellness Routine

Relieving stress, getting better sleep, and taking care of your skin can be costly and troublesome, depending on how you go about it. Want to get rid of stress? Go to the spa, and pay the steep prices. Need better sleep? Try physical exercise or meditation, both of which can take a while to show results. Want to take better care of your skin? Visit the dermatologist and spend a fortune on skincare products.

But why go through all this hassle when one product may be able to support your well-being in a natural way? Cannabidiol (CBD), derived from cannabis and hemp plants, can be an invaluable addition to your wellness routine. CBD is 100% natural and offers potential benefits ranging from easing occasional discomfort to positively impacting the mind.

There are several new and innovative ways you can involve CBD in your wellness routine. Check out three of our favorites below, and start reaping the benefits for yourself!

Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

1. CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are highly concentrated forms of CBD that are typically consumed sublingually (meaning under the tongue). These products are among the most potent and popular in the CBD industry, and for good reason! CBD tinctures may be able to provide a sense of relief from all kinds of bodily and mental discomfort, from promoting relaxation after a long day at work to calming busy minds.

Using CBD tinctures for the first time is quite simple. You just need to apply the tincture under your tongue and hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds. After that, give it 15-20 minutes before you start feeling the full effects.

2. CBD Gummies & Capsules

If this is your first time trying CBD, the prospect of measuring out the correct dosage may be a little nerve-wracking. Thankfully, CBD ingestibles like gummies and capsules provide a good place to start. They offer similar benefits as CBD tinctures, but in a milder form.

CBD gummies taste delicious and are pre-dosed, which means you can take them anywhere, anytime. They are usually available in a variety of colors, flavors, shapes, and concentrations of CBD. With CBD gummies, you have a tasty, discreet, and easy way of ingesting CBD, whether you’re on the go or chilling at home.

CBD capsules, like any other capsule, have to be swallowed with water and offer a more potent punch than gummies. They usually contain a high concentration of CBD and offer a high absorbency rate and consistent effects within the body. CBD capsules can also contain vitamins and other healthy ingredients, with herbs like ashwagandha common across the industry.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

3. CBD Bath & Body Products

The best way to elevate your self-care routine is with CBD bath and body products. From lotions to shampoos to bar soaps, CBD-infused self-care products are an indulgent way to create a spa experience at home.

The best part? These are products you’re probably already using, just with an extra, not-so-secret ingredient! When you use a CBD-infused shampoo bar or body lotion, you’re getting all the positive effects you expect with traditional bath and body products, all with the added relaxation and calm that CBD is best known for. Plus, some research suggests that CBD may have anti-inflammatory properties, so a bit of lotion could help ease discomfort and promote healthier skin!

Experience CBD

So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick among any of the CBD products listed above and enjoy the benefits of CBD for yourself! Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming alternatives and start experiencing a general sense of wellness in your life from day 1!