3 Reel versus 5 Reel Online Slots

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Here is a pretty simple question to start with. Are you a five-reel slot, or a three-reel slot type of player? Speaking of online slots, you do have your preferences. However, if you check them objectively, you can say that both of these slots have something great to offer. And if you are yet to choose between both, then a little bit of help might be helpful for you.

About Classic Three Reel Slots

A direct reason for the popularity of the three-reel slots is the nostalgia that they induce with the classic bar signs, fruit symbols, and diamonds.

  • Even gambling veterans love playing these slots because they are fun, fast, and quite easy to play.
  • No wonder that the first-timers love them, as well.
  • Again, they spare you from the headache of dealing with endless payline numbers.
  • Moreover, there are a number of interesting games that you can play with three-reel slots.
  • The most popular among them include 7 Oceans slot, Joker 8000 slot, as well as Cops and Robbers slot. You can also utilize slots for cash fetching games line Baccarat online.
  • If you are a newcomer, then you will love the three-reel slot for the ease of games. However, as a seasoned gamer, you will love to come back to for some invigorating relaxation.

Why 5 Reel Slots are Popular

If you prefer the greater number of play lines to simplicity, then the five reel slots are just made for you. Alternatively known as video slots, they are quite elaborate in nature.

  • Having as many as 100 paylines means you enjoy better winning combinations.
  • If you are a seasoned gambler, then this definitely gives you a better chance of winning every time you spin.
  • Moreover, the extra reels and more paylines make for a better-detailed paytable.
  • Also, to enhance your chances of winning, you can utilize very special features like scatter symbols and wilds.
  • As a bonus, you can enjoy perks like free spins, bonuses on match deposits, and creative short games.
  • The intricate designs, when paired with suitable sound effects and tasteful graphics, your gaming experiences enhance like never before.
  • You can use slots for games like Baccarat online. Apart from that, some of the best-loved games with five-reel slots include EggOMatic slot, Gonzo’s Quest slot, and the Avalon slot, among others.

Which Slot To Go For?

With online casinos, you can say that both reel slots and five reel slots have their share of charms. So what you want to play would be totally up to your preference. However, in online casinos, you are going to find more five-reel slot games. This means that you are going to have more themes and wider choices to choose from. If you have never tried before, then it might be the time to try a spin on a five-reel slot, as well as on a three-reel slot. You never know when any of the reels would start spinning on your way.

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