3 reasons to buy the BMW X3 series

Buying a new car is a weighted decision that requires a great deal of consideration. There’re numerous competitors all claiming to sell the best car for you, but of course, only one of them can possibly be right. Should the BMW X3 series enter the fray, chances are you’ve stumbled upon your perfect vehicle.

But what makes it such an enticing buy? Why should you invest a considerable sum into this vehicle? 

Consequently, here’re 3 reasons to buy the BMW X3 series. 

Reputation and reliability

Cars are expensive and that’s no secret, and it’s important every purchase is a smart one in this arena. The performance of the leading brands of the auto industry can be rather telling too, and it’s worth researching where they struggle and where they persevere too. This can indicate a lot about the quality of the cars they manufacture! Ultimately, sometimes it’s worth seeing if the manufacturer and car you’re going to buy have truly stood the test of time.

BMW and the X3 series have. After all, BMW is currently embroiled in Brexit concerns, but is still simultaneously managing to produce quality cars. There’re newer X3 models out there today, yet the very first X3 made its debut in 2003, with the series on the precipice of evolving into its third decade in mainstream usage. It didn’t land there by accident; it’s a reputable succession of cars that’s clearly pleased the public this far. It’s a tried and tested model and manufacturer with ample support, which means they can be trusted completely. 

Slick specifications

A good car needs great specifications, and a diverse range of them too. This gives drivers more control over their experience and can help them feel more comfortable and even safer in their vehicles. These are sensations that every car owner wants to feel on their daily drives, and the BMW X3 makes them perfectly possible to experience! 

Adaptive and extended LED xenon headlights, sport suspensions, expansive luggage space, 20” alloy wheels, and a panoramic glass sunroof all feature here, and Peter Vardy list many more enticing benefits and features too! You can cruise comfortably down any road or off-road track to your heart’s desire, with seemingly no frustrating limitations thrust upon you – go anywhere and everywhere in the X3! 

Appealing design

We all like to look good when driving our vehicles. However, the cool factor is often down to the car itself, rather than how the driver looks using it. Thankfully, BMW has always had a reputation for producing stylish vehicles, and the X3 is no exception. It’s trendy in the interior and exterior both and will please the eye from all angles. 

It’s somewhat shallow to buy a car for looks alone, but with all the other factors, a smart chassis and swanky interior is just the cherry on the cake. Therefore, it’s all another clear incentive to pick up a BMW X3!


From a wide range of specifications to carefully crafted design work, a lot of love and care has been put into developing this vehicle. Car owners will find a lot to love here, from functionality, to history of the cars and brand, to more nuanced aesthetic choices. In the end, the X3 won’t fail to please a lucky owner! 


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