Say it ain’t so! Not another four years

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I told myself I was done writing about Donald Trump. He sucks up enough media space already and has managed to suck the life out of this nation’s spirit. He has done nothing but show the worst about this nation and done less to solve any meaningful problems. Trump has made a total mockery of our political environment, social environment, and the environment of the planet. Unfortunately, in his mind, he had no other choice.

I am going to repeat something I said four years ago when Donald Trump ran for president. He was never looking to win the election. Yes, that’s right. Trump never wanted to be president. He simply sought and ate up the limelight and viewed it as a way to promote his name and brand. Nothing more; nothing less.

The problem was, he made the mistake of running against the least popular candidate Democrats could find. The more buttons Trump pushed during the campaign, the more it displayed how much Hillary Clinton was disliked. I think it was the one thing Trump failed to really recognize. Even getting into bed with Putin and the election meddling was part of Trump’s desire to get in good with old Vlad for business endeavors and not political opportunities.

Trump planned to lose and, in the process, discredit the entire election process rather than admit defeat to Hillary. He would have been a hero to his fan base, profited greatly in the process, and heaven forbid, be around in 2020 to do the same. Instead, he got elected.

Enough has been written about the many ways Trump has desecrated the office of the presidency, broken laws, profited while in power, and made a complete joke of the GOP. No matter how outlandish his words or actions, he owns the GOP. For a Republican up for re-election, to speak out against Trump is to commit political suicide.

The man can’t even get arrested despite his actions, words, and threats. Public firings of officials, saying he is owed a third term before winning a second one, and installing henchmen so far to the right they make some of Hitler’s helpers look like reasonable minded people, have yet to weaken his base of support.

A lot of folks think Trump is drunk on power. He isn’t. He wants nothing to do with it which is why he does what he does. He figures one of two things will happen. The only way he remains in power is if he can rule like a dictator because he hasn’t any tolerance for how our government works. Meetings, policies, and compromises are not how Trump got to where he is in life and he has no desire to start just so he can remain president. It’s his way or eff you all.

This brings me to the second thing that will happen. If Trump does not believe he will get what he wants, he will lose the election. Losing is not the end of the world for Donny, at least in his mind.

He’s already made it clear he is not going to lose a legitimate election so a loss means he was robbed, and Trump can claim he is a victim. The system was rigged against him and he did everything in his power to restore it the way our Founding Fathers wanted, and he was still robbed. He will NEVER admit defeat. He will gloat watching his most ardent supporters take to the streets

 and protest. He will demand the courts overrule the results and install him for a second term but never mean it. He will do the most outlandish things this nation has ever seen from a president just to keep from admitting defeat because, if he has to play by the rules instead of being given free rein to write them, he’s out of here.

Four more years? It is Trump who is saying, “Say it ain’t so,” every bit as much as his detractors. He is just going about it in a different way. Mark my words, Trump wants out of the Oval Office and onto the golf course full time as much as any of us, and there are plenty of us out there, who loathe him.

The great distractor wants out unless he can be the not so great dictator. He is more concerned with how he can protect his ass after he leaves office than he is about serving another term.

Sleepy Joe will eat him alive in the debates because Trump will make sure to say as many nonsensical and insane things as he can to ensure his own defeat.

Our next president may not be Joe Biden. It may well be Nancy Pelosi until Trump grows bored with his own post-election nonsense. Then he can go about feeding his ardent followers for the next four years and eat it up without having to run government while his base demands he runs for office again in 2024.