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Letter to the Editor: Best reason to keep the Electoral College

Dear Editor,

Last week The New York Times ran yet another editorial demonizing the Electoral College. Apparently, the 2016 election is still being contested.

The Electoral College is tied to the Whipping Post every four years and this year is no exception, especially when someone wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote. Sore losers and more.

The best reason for keeping it: the Electoral College gives the presidential candidates a reason to care about a few small places on the map that otherwise wouldn’t mean a thing. The original idea, still very much in play, was to prevent the tyranny of the majority. It is not ironic that the majority protests against this last little Maginot line. It prevents the tyranny of massive regional majority(population) which is just what we have now with huge coastal/urban populations versus smaller inland populations.

Without the Electoral Collage, why would any candidate go to Iowa?  The 2016 election forced candidates to speak to people in these little out of the way places in a few states that ultimately determined the election. Swing states, without the Electoral college, do not exist. Cities and suburbs. Cities and suburbs. All candidates will spend the vast majority of their time in cities or suburbs. Who will care about Baraboo?

Dudley Thompson

Girdletree, MD

Population 117.


About the author

Dudley Thompson lives in Girdletree, MD., population 117. He has been there six years and was from Baltimore originally. He worked for the News-American on the advertising side until it closed in ‘86. His second career was teaching in juvenile jails at Baby Bookins, Hickey, and Victor Cullen. He holds a Masters at Johns Hopkins History of Ideas ‘77, B.A. Maryland,’74, Geography. Politically, he is slouching toward the center that nowadays never holds. Contact the author.