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To post a comment create a username and password and log into the site. If you forget your password you can go here to retrieve it. You will not be able to change your screen name because it is linked to an email account. We ask that you don’t misrepresent yourself with multiple accounts and anyone caught doing so facing possibility of being banned from the site.

Comment Policy

Baltimore Post-Examiner encourages users to comment frequently on all postings, and please rate the content. This allows us to obtain a better understanding on what readers enjoy. We encourage a variety of comments from all political, ideology, and religious viewpoints. Comments should engage readers, and not be personal attacks. We encourage readers to write comments that help continue the conversation and debate.

HTML will be removed from comments to maintain a level of consistency. In addition comments linking to personal blogs and other inappropriate sites will be deleted. We will accept links for news stories or sites deemed acceptable by the staff.

Comments are moderated daily through several tools. Comments that are deemed unacceptable by our staff will be removed or rejected. Unacceptable comments include direct or indirect personal attacks, insults, vulgarity, harassment or comments that bait others to engage in uncivil attacks and comments that are strictly posted to sell products and not comment on the content. Anyone who threatens physical or mental well- being of an individual or group will be removed immediately. If a threat is made against it also could be reported to law enforcement officials. These exclusions also apply to our Facebook page.

Some comments will be posted immediately, while others may be waiting for approval. Those pending approval will be posted or rejected as soon as possible and depending on the website’s comment load.

Community members also can have the power to rate comments.

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