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Cop Murder:  Death of Samuel DuBose

Once again we have the unjustified killing of a man by a police officer.  Fact is another white cop allegedly shoots another unarmed black man this time after a traffic stop for not having a front license plate affixed to his vehicle.

Why a University of Cincinnati police officer conducted a traffic stop off the college property, for what amounts to a trivial offense, has yet to be determined.

What we do know is that by all accounts, from the police to the prosecuting attorney, is that former police officer Ray Tensing shot Samuel DuBose, 43,  in the head for no apparent reason and then falsified a police report by relating facts that did not purport to what was shown on the videos, in a lame attempt to cover his butt after police say he shot DuBose.

Officer Ray Tensing

Officer Ray Tensing

To make matters worse, two police officers added insult to injury and reportedly lied to cover for Tensing.

Tensing was quickly terminated from his employment with the campus police department after being indicted, and justifiably so.

The other two officers are on leave.  If they indeed lied and falsified reports, they too should be canned.

I doubt that this would be the first time these officers have falsified reports and only time will tell on that.

Once again, members of American law enforcement have disgraced the badge they wore and along with that put another dirty mark on all members of law enforcement.

As bad as that is and it is very bad, it is not as bad, and sad as the killing of Samuel DuBose.   What did he die for?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

His family and friends will never see him again; he is gone from this world.

What we are left with is another national disgrace.

To the family of Samuel DuBose, there is nothing I or anyone can say that will make the pain and sorrow you feel any lesser.  As a former police officer, again I am ashamed of what has happened.

Incidents such as this have happened in the past way too often and will undoubtedly happen again in the future.

Law enforcement agencies have to rid their ranks of psycho coward cops.

Those who wear the badge and think that it is honorable to stand by and protect those who disgrace the badge, they need to turn in their shields and find another profession.

There are bad cops and cops.  Good cops are the ones who stand up against injustice, misconduct and corruption.  All the others are just cops.

Politics should never mix with justice and prejudice always obscures the truth.

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Doug Poppa

Doug Poppa is a US Army Military Police Veteran, former law enforcement officer, criminal investigator and private sector security and investigations management professional with 40 years of experience. In 1986 Mr. Poppa was awarded “Criminal Investigator of the Year” by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia for his undercover work in narcotics enforcement. He was also re-assigned to the Northern Virginia Regional Narcotics Enforcement Task Force for 18 months. In 1991 and again in 1992 Mr. Poppa’s testimony under oath in court led to the discovery that exculpatory evidence was withheld from the defense by the prosecutor and sheriff’s office officials during the 1988 trial of a man accused of attempted murder of his wife that led to his conviction. As a result of his testimony the man was ordered released from prison, given a new trial in 1992 and found not guilty. Mr. Poppa became the subject of local and national news media attention as a result of his testimony which led to the demise of his 12-year police career. After losing his job, at the request of the FBI, Mr. Poppa infiltrated in an undercover capacity a group of men who were plotting the kidnapping of a Dupont Chemical fortune heir and his wife in 1992. His stories have been featured on Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and CBS News’ Street Stories with Ed Bradley. Contact the author.