Zone 2 Releases Updated Version of PRsue: Advanced use of heart rate data improves training app to ‘Best in Class’

Reston, VA – PRsue, the training app for runners, now offers an updated version that incorporates an advanced use of heart rate data analytics. The app is available on iTunes here.

PRsue offers a training and personalized coaching program for athletes across the spectrum. The beginner’s training plan helps novice runners who want to become comfortable running, building running time to prevent overtraining and lowering the risk of injury. Experienced runners receive a world-class training program customized to their body, their training schedule, and their goals while getting the benefit of the science used by elite-level coaches.

Zone2 cofounder and CEO Ken Gordon describes, “This mobile training platform serves as a virtual coach by calculating individualized heart rate training zones, building a customized training program based on these zones, guiding users through their planned zones during their workout, and automatically recalculating when life intervenes. These elements together create a powerful tool that can’t be found elsewhere.”

Pamela Southerling, professional coach and Zone2’s Director of Business Development, explains PRsue’s approach to heart rate data analytics. “Every athlete’s physiology is unique. The 220 minus age formula for estimating maximum heart rate has been around since the 1930s as a popular ‘one size fits all’ approach in the exercise community, but it’s not accurate and it’s not a predictor of athletic performance. The reality is that your maximum heart rate depends on a complex interplay of numerous factors in addition to age, such as genetics and the size of your heart. At PRsue, our goal is to use your heart rate data to define and target training zones unique to you.”

This scientific approach enables an unprecedented level of training and a personalized coaching experience for novice and elite athletes alike, as seen in this side-by-side comparison of 13 leading training apps.

PRsue is a product of Zone2, a company founded by endurance athlete-entrepreneurs to develop and deploy transformative athletic training tools that are personal, powerful, mobile, flexible, and easy to use. Zone2 utilizes key metabolic data in its proprietary, iterative algorithms designed to improve athletic performance and training results.