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Your Guide to Online Reputation Management

The reputation of your company is important in where people can access information about it. Big brands often advertise on TV, in the newspapers, magazines, and have their own website. The data people find about your company online can stay for long–if not the longest than other media forms. A lot of articles even published in the 1990s since the birth of the internet are still existing today. This is why online reputation management is important.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is the application of strategies to keep your business free from negative forms of 3rd party influences online. You may notice that there will be news sources on the internet that may report negative or false information about any personality or company–and this might be out of their control.

To mitigate these, companies make use of Online Reputation Management techniques to help counteract these reports. There are many ways to conserve online reputation, and this can include finding people who can write about your company, keeping your communication lines open to customers, and providing comprehensive information on your website. Online Reputation Management is a great way to protect your business and at the same time protect it from negative publicity.

What is the importance of Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is important for businesses due to several reasons:

The internet is now the largest source of information.

When people want to look for reviews, do their research, or inquire about any type of information, the first thing they do is go online. In fact, 2016 reports show that there are a total of 3.5 billion people who accessed the internet. This is a large pool of people who have the potential to know more about your business. Making sure that the internet provides the right kind of information for your company is crucial to your growth.

There are a lot of 3rd-party websites that are free to report anything.

Sadly, you cannot control all the information that comes from 3rd party sources. Some of them you would be able to see, but a lot of times, these sources of information are hard to track. A lot of these news websites have high authority, meaning they appear on top of the search engines. In this case, you would need to prevent 3rd party websites from ranking in the search engines compared to the information you want to present about your company.

Digital marketing is the way to go.

Gone are the days where TV and print ads are the main ways to advertise. Now, small and large businesses alike go to the internet to find their potential leads. According to white label ORM services research, a great example of a company that succeeded in digital marketing is Amazon. Now, Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $ 150 billion in the 2018 reports. Digital marketing is now considered one of the most powerful forms of promoting your company. Online reputation management is one facet of digital marketing.

What are ways to keep my company’s reputation safe online?

Keeping your reputation safe online can be much easier if you have a team that is working to make sure that all bases are covered. To give you a quick guide, here are some ways that companies such as white label ORM services make sure that your company’s online reputation is in top shape:

1. ORM services make sure to create high-quality SEO posts that promote your business.

In case that there’s negative news that breaks out about your company, you can be assured that ORM services can counter with high-quality SEO articles. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and this is very important as people would often search for information through websites such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Whatever appears on the top for the keywords is crucial because this is where it can make or break your company’s reputation. ORM services can override high authority news sites and provide fresh new articles that have something good to say about your company.

2. ORM services provide backlinks to your website.

All companies want their customers to find verified information about their products and services. This is why it is important to always link back other blogs and sources to your official website. Any form of unsolicited information may not be beneficial to your company especially if it contains false information. As ORM services create backlinks through the process of link building, you can be assured that your official website will rank higher in the search engines.

3. ORM services can also manage your social media accounts.

ORM services are masters of content. Aside from creating SEO articles, they can also provide you with extra services on social media management. For instance, they can manhandle your social media accounts to respond to questions and comments that people send. The response rate is very important for customers who want to find out more information about your company online. On many occasions, leads turn into converted customers when they see that your company responds well to questions that they may have. Additionally, ORM services can also schedule posts for you that will help build your reputation even more.

4. ORM services can help build a strategy to lessen the consequence of company blunders.

There may be instances in your company’s timeline where blunders are inevitable–whether it’s a product recall, a bad employee, a tirade against a competitor and such. These blunders may be reported by blogs and news sites. The role of ORM services is to help your company lessen the consequences of these blunders by creating a multi-faceted strategy. They will recommend the right steps for your company to take, the statements you should release, and the way you should respond to your customers online.

Online Reputation Management is just a decision away

Any company that wants to grow big especially in the digital realm should consider the benefits of online reputation management. It is a powerful marketing tool that not only protects any business but also contributes the building blocks to growth and expansion.

This comes from Adrian Rubin who is a graphic designer that has numerous colleagues who work in the online reputation management industry.

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