Your book is not just a business card: How Kary Oberbrunner’s Author Academy Elite helps authors turn books into 18 streams of income

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Writing a book is a huge accomplishment—just ask anybody who’s done it. It takes time, dedication, and discipline. Nearly 80% of the population hopes to publish a book someday, but most never achieve this dream. They give up because the process can feel overwhelming.

Kary Oberbrunner is changing this trend through his innovative publishing company: Author Academy Elite. More and more people are accomplishing this major milestone and publishing their book using his 52 Mini Mission© model. Author Academy Elite helps clients every step of the way by providing daily coaching for each phase of the book process—writing, publishing, and marketing.

A six-time traditionally published author himself, Kary experienced the shortcomings of the traditional publishing model firsthand. Most aspiring authors are locked out of the traditional publishing world because they don’t have a big enough platform. Brilliant manuscripts are turned away every day simply because authors don’t have a huge email list, TV show, or social media following.

For those who do break through the proverbial glass ceiling and secure a traditional publishing deal, much of the marketing work falls upon the authors’ shoulders. Surprisingly, authors typically receive only 10–14% of net sales—and only after paying their advance back to the publisher. As a result, authors often lose out in this model.

The self-publishing model comes with its own set of challenges. For starters, self-publishing fails to leverage important strategies such as influencer copies, pre-sales, and hardcover versions. Nearly all self-published books can’t be sold in brick-and-mortar bookstores. And self-published authors are expected to make important decisions on barcodes, BISAC categories, ISBNs, and distribution with no prior experience in the publishing industry. When they choose incorrectly, their book and career suffer.

“Too many authors believe inaccurate advice floating around on the Internet,” Oberbrunner explains. “They’ve been told that a book is just a glorified business card. Business cards don’t change lives. Books do.” After 15 years in the publishing industry, Oberbrunner makes a clear distinction between business cards and books:

Cost Money Create Value
Are an Expense Are an Asset
Decrease Space in your Wallet or Purse Increase Influence, Impact, Income
Get Thrown Away Last Forever
Change Landfills Change Lives


Although Oberbrunner published his first book in 2004, he kept his day job until 2012. For eight years he couldn’t crack the publishing code, although he released three more books during that period. “I wanted my books to help people, but I just couldn’t figure out how to get them into the hands of readers,” Oberbrunner says.

Eventually, the cloud of confusion lifted. He discovered a powerful process that changed his mind and his future. He took a big risk and left his steady job of 12 years to start igniting souls full-time.

In 2014, Oberbrunner started Author Academy Elite with his business partner, David Branderhorst. They created this publishing company after receiving many inquiries about how they were turning books into 6-figure businesses with 18 streams of income.

“Books have the power to create a passive income, but—even more importantly—passive impact,” according to Oberbrunner. He loves helping authors maximize their message. One of his favorite experiences is when his authors receive emails from readers saying how their book changed the way they think or how it gave them hope in a tough time.

Aspiring authors no longer have to choose between traditional publishing and self-publishing. With Author Academy Elite, they’re able to benefit from the best of both worlds. They receive the profits and control found in self-publishing with the expertise and distribution found in traditional publishing. With a membership of over one thousand authors gained in five short years, Author Academy Elite is quickly becoming the preferred model.

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