World Economy: Cost of living in the UK and around the world

New research shows how the cost of the world for Brits compares to the rest of the world –with people in the UK paying on average more for fuel, food and films than their counterparts.

The new data revealed by forex provider IG has been compiled in an infographic, showing just how costs compare in ten different countries across the globe. The data compares ten different factors from childcare and housing, to the cost of entertainment and eating out. So, how does the UK fare in the global cost of living stakes


Motorists in the UK pay more than twice as much for their petrol as American drivers with only Italians paying more. Buying a VW Golf will cost you almost £1,000 more in the UK than America – and more than £4,000 more in Australia 


Despite earning significantly less than other countries such as Japan and the USA,UK parents pay £176 more for full-day childcare than Americans and £547 more than Japanese parents.

Eating out

The average cost of a three-course meal for two in the UK is £45 comparatively to Italy and Australia. Interestingly, this is almost 60% higher than eating out in Japan, where the average cost of a dinner for two is just £28.


At £10 a ticket, people in the UK pay almost £3 less on average than cinema-goers in Japan. With UK prices comparing to the US and Australia, this is double the cost of watching a film in Brazil and South Africa.

If you’re keen to understand just how much the cost of the world varies globally, this infographic shows you just how different countries compare.