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Exciting Gaming News the world needs to know about

With numerous online casinos and tons of console games available there is always something fresh and exciting going on in the gaming world. In fact, there is so much going on that it can be hard for gamers to keep up with all the latest news. Such news not only affects the gaming industry as a whole, but it can affect gamers as well and this is why it is imperative to be well versed in everything that is going on. Below, you are going to learn about some of the most exciting and thrilling gaming news stories.

Is Google The Future Of Gaming?

There is no denying that Google is the number one search engine out there. It is the search engine that everyone goes to when they are looking for reviews of products or just general information. Not only are they a popular search engine, but they offer a number of other services as well. Well, it looks like they could also be the future of gaming. The company is set to release a statement today at 1 pm about its new gaming stream. Google is expected to unveil a new streaming game service.

The gaming industry is estimated to be a $150 billion industry and it looks like Google wants to throw their hat in the ring. They will be competing with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and maybe Amazon (reportedly Amazon is working on establishing a gaming service as well), but there is no denying that Google is a formidable foe for anyone. The company is also set to unveil a lineup of games that they intend to offer at affordable rates. They are also guaranteeing that gamers will always experience a lag-free gaming experience.

The Next Big Catalyst For Mobile Gaming

There is simply no denying that mobile gaming isn’t huge. It has completely evolved since its introduction into society and there are now millions of players and gamblers around the world taking advantage of sbobet mobileand other mobile gaming services. However, there is even more good news for mobile gaming fans. It looks like there are going to be a number of catalysts that could potentially boost the mobile gaming industry. The latest research shows that these catalysts could generate more than $63 billion in revenue. 5G is one such catalyst that could boost the industry. The race has already heated up as some of the biggest telecom names have already launched their networks in a handful of cities across the United States.

Verizon just recently announced that they are testing 5G network in Chicago and Minneapolis. Sprint has already teamed up with Google and Samsung and is looking at a May launch. That being said it should be noted that there is still tons of infrastructure and investment needed before significant developments can kick in, but the potential for 5G and gaming are limitless. With 5G, gamers will be looking at low latency on a whole new level. Shorter delays and faster data transfer are two things that gamers love to hear.

Esports Are Just Getting Started

Esports are taking off and it doesn’t look like there is any slowing down. Earlier this week at the Barclays Center, 74 men and 1 woman got their chance to live out their dream. They got to become professional gamers. The 75 individuals were officially drafted into the second season of the Take Two’s NBA 2k League. There was no doubt tons of excitement and anticipation surrounding the release of this second season and there is a good reason for it. The first season ended with great results and everyone was more than looking forward to the start of the second season.

Over 250 million people worldwide play esports as a form of entertainment and about half of these individuals are avid sports fans. It has already been estimated that esports will generate at least $1.1 billion in revenue this year alone. This would be the first time that the market reached a billion in revenue, but it online looks like the gaming platform is only going to continue to grow as more and more people become immersed in the unique competition. The NBA 2K League embodies just how quickly the gaming platform is growing and shows where its true potential lies.

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