Workout and eat cake too

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I have a nemesis, and it comes in the form of children’s parties. Why is this? Because children’s parties are generally full of all the food that we shouldn’t eat, but that I do. Especially the cake.

I workout, I feel good, and I reward my patience and suffering of sitting through a children’s party with cake – that’s slices of cake x2 (one for the workout and one for the patience and suffering).

It’s, as you expect, not ideal. And there is a distinct lack of willpower on my part.

But, there is hope…..

I am beginning to feel something stirring in the abdominal region. When I place my hand on my stomach to crunch, I can feel something, I’m sure (or is it my ribs pushing down?). I would so hope that there is the beginnings of abs, but I am drowning in self-created misery as the scales tell a different story.

In 10 days I have put on two pounds and my body fat has gone up 1 percent. It’s that damn cake.

I’m eating to add to my calorie level so that I’m not left in a deficit since I am working out so much, which could be wrong, but is stacking up on calories (good and bad) having a negative impact? Most nutritionists would say probably. And now I feel bad. Going to have a slice of cake to cheer myself up…..

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