Will Maryland Legalize Cannabis in 2021?

Image by Erin Stone from Pixabay

Many states in the USA have taken steps to legalize medical marijuana, and this is bringing a very useful plant and its medicinal properties to millions of people who need it. For this reason, many politicians and activists across the country have campaigned long and hard to get the drug legalized in all states. While localized efforts have paid off in places like California, New Jersey and Colorado much longer ago, there are still many states where there are no legal provisions in place for those who could benefit from the use of medical marijuana. One of these places is Maryland, and that has many people questioning whether or not the state will legalize cannabis in 2021.

The last decade or so has seen much discussion within the state of Maryland as to whether or not weed should be made legal for medicinal use. While many people wonder how to get a medical card in Maryland, they still need to wait until they will be able to actually get one. The General Assembly is scheduled for January 13, and that is when many hope the discussion will be of particular interest to those who attend.

Legalizing cannabis for medical use is a hot topic across the world, not just at the state level of the United States. However, there are various arguments on both sides that point towards a delayed approach rather than an urgent one. The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed a lot of bills’ progress at the state and national level, while others have been fast-tracked accordingly. The pandemic has made life difficult for millions, and it has sapped a lot from the economy. This is served up as both a pro and a con for the legalization of weed, as many believe it would pump large amounts of useful tax dollars into the state’s economy.

The pandemic has affected the education of millions of children, and thus this is a vital area that politicians would be able to dedicate extra money to, along with things like childcare and the hospitality industry. However, many also believe that this would be done in bad faith, and it would appear as more of a cash grab than a funding initiative. While some think the money would be put to good use, others think it would simply be an excuse for the state to get their hands on more money to put wherever the upper echelons of the political world see fit.

Whatever happens with the pandemic, and whether or not a wide rollout of various vaccines will take effect sooner rather than later, the notion of legal marijuana in Maryland could still be a distant dream for many. January’s General Assembly will no doubt tell a lot about the progress of the bill, but it would not be a surprise to many to see it further delayed into the future.