Sneak a peek into the hat story and the hat-making company

Image by sam gain from Pixabay

You can very well imagine an American man with a Fedora, flat cap, or baseball cap. They say that a hat speaks about the hat wearer more than itself. If you visited the National American History Museum, you would know what it means. It represented identity, hinting at a person’s occupation, social rankings, cultural manners, and individual taste. It would not appear surprising if you looked back at the men who led and shaped America in the earlier eras. For example, you can envisage Abraham Lincoln in his stovepipe hat and George Washington in his tricorn hat.

Some believe that the hat became a part of everything in both literal and figurative sense. It has always been a statement, a signature.

The American hat history

In the 1800s, one of the hat makers in New York City would read an American man’s personality by looking at his hat’s choice. Another hatter said hats could be the expressions of human emotions, only if the wearer knew how to achieve it. According to him, men wore hats as an extension of their personality rather than following the trends. Hence, it ends up being the carrier of one’s individuality.

Like these, there are umpteen numbers of stories and backgrounds about hats and hat-wearing trends. However, a fascinating part is how this fashion ensemble manages to grab attention and adapts to any era’s style evolution every time without exception.

The American Hat Makers

When you deal with such a rich past and history from time immemorial, you have to make sure you also create a legacy of sorts. The journey of American Hat Makers and how it evolved is just a glimpse of the same. It has been more than 50 years since we have been making handcrafted hats for American men and women. Gary Watrous, who founded this niche hat company and nurtured it, started his career by selling handmade leather items from his station wagon way back in the 70s. What began as a small undertaking from the back of his car rapidly grew to become one of the famous hat businesses across the globe.

Today, Gary’s son Garth and other family members are also a part of the leather hat-making company. Their enthusiasm and perfectionism reflect on their products. And it is not just the leather hats they have mastered; you can expect any variety to be available with them in terms of materials, styles, and preferences.

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