Why did God make fat and sugar taste good?

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God’s sugar rush

These words were uttered to me by my five year old son as I told him for the umpteenth time about good fats, bad fats, fructose, glucose, carbs and protein. And he still insists that it’s okay to eat two bags of chips and drink soda – no way, Sonny Jim!

sugar1I do go on to him about eating right, because I wasn’t completely educated about nutrition and what’s going to create issues later on in life when I was younger. And then I got ‘it’ll never happen to me’ blase about it all before it actually did happen. How far do we push these things with our kids? He gets the fitness thing and is always joining in runs and bootcamp and Zumba, which is mostly hysterical to watch.

But will I create a diet monster? This is a grave concern with young women today. Or will he be like I was with TV when that was restricted for me as a kid, and indulge in later life when there are no parental controls?  Only time will tell…

pillsExercise pill

Honestly, I’ve heard rumours. Crazy ones, mind you. All about a pill that you can take that stimulates your muscles and makes them think they are working out. It’s wrong for people who should be working out. Maybe for some people it will have benefits, but I say this: if you can get up off your arse, do it!

It hurts so good!

Despite a more relaxing summer than I had anticipated (have your tried exercising outdoors in this heat – no recommended!) I’ve been burning it up in the basement with a bit of tabata. What’s tabata? It’s HIIT which makes your heart rate soar and then drop again. And I love it! It hurts so good, really it does!!

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