Why an Associate Degree is Perfect for You

Thanks to the ongoing shifts in the world economy, politics, education and technology, finding the right job has become a strenuous task. The market for job seekers has become incredibly competitive, both due to the growing population and the increasing demands from employers.

This means that finding and keeping a job that both provides enough income for you and your family while giving you satisfaction in the workplace is often more difficult than in previous years.

With the right qualifications, however, finding the right job for you can be that much easier.

Here are just a few of the many reasons an Associate Degree is your key to success.

A Quick Overview

An Associate Degree is usually undertaken by undergraduate students with a high school diploma or GED. This type of degree is targeted at people who are either seeking work or are currently in employment but are hoping to refine their skills and move up the career ladder. Other types of higher education tends to be more focused on the students’ broad interests that may not necessarily help them find suitable employment after graduation.

This is why an Associate Degree is an attractive option – it allows students to concentrate on furthering their education without sacrificing their career goals. Here are a few facts to outline the characteristics of an Associate Degree:

  • Obtaining an Associate Degree can help you pursue further education such as a Bachelor’s Degree.

  • An Associate Degree takes less time to obtain than a Bachelor Degree and is, therefore, better suited for people with time-constraining responsibilities such as pre-existing careers and families

  • The cost of an Associate Degree is usually lower than the tuition fees for other types of higher education.

  • The entry requirements for an Associate Degree are often less competitive than other types of degrees, making them an excellent gateway to a prosperous future in both education and employment.

  • Some institutions offer the chance to study an online Associates Degree that helps students who want to save money on accommodation and transport, as well as permitting them to continue earning money.

Broad Range of Choice

With an Associate Degree, you are given a wide range of choices when it comes to electives, meaning that you can tailor your education to suit your future goals. There are different kinds of Associate Degree that are available, so choosing the right one for you means taking the time to do your research and truly think about what you want from your further education and career.

Distance Learning

As mentioned briefly above, being able to learn online has many benefits for busy people who still want to add to their qualifications. Without the need for additional accommodation or unnecessary commuting, online learning gives greater freedom and saves you money.

Career Path Diversity

The choice of courses available at the start of your Associate Degree means that, once you’ve decided which path you want to take or which of your existing skills you want to build on, you can expect to see your future path widen and fill with more opportunities. Often higher education – such as Bachelor or Master Degrees – can narrow your path down to the point where furthering your interests and career becomes a struggle. With an Associate Degree, you are able to keep your options open.

Employment and Salary

With an Associate Degree under your belt, you will be more attractive to potential employers as well as current ones. The additional skills you learn through your courses will set you up for potential promotions and other career advancements.

Job Security

The lack of job security is one of the main concerns for many employed people around the world. Even once you are working, it can be difficult to feel safe in the knowledge that you won’t be made redundant or have to find a second job to supplement your income. An Associate Degree puts more leverage on your side, making you a valuable employee in your current position and an appealing one to other employers should you find the need to move on.

Building Potential

Education is all about fulfilling your potential. Just because you have your high school diploma doesn’t mean you have to stunt yourself and stop learning. By demonstrating your desire to improve your mind and add to your skills, you will find yourself noticing more opportunities at your disposal.

Evidence of Personal Drive

Similar to the last point, proving to not only yourself but to colleagues and employers that you have the drive to increase your knowledge serves as evidence that you are worth spending money on. An Associate Degree is the perfect way to increase your professional value.