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Where to install tankless water heaters ?

So, you have finally gotten yourself a tankless water heater? Congratulations. But it is understandable, even with its versatile installation options, that you are wondering where you are going to set it up. And it makes sense because your choice of installation location can have an impact on how efficient your tankless water heater will be. Therefore, if you are wondering where your tankless water heater should go, then you have come to the right place. Here are some great ideas on where to install this advanced water heating system.

1. Close to Demand Sources

In general, the water heater should be as close to the source that supplies the hot water as possible. This ensures that hot water does not have to cover long distances before arriving at the outlets where it is needed.

Having the water heater far from the demand source can result in heat loss and hence reduced efficiency. Therefore, the water heater should be close to bathrooms, kitchen or the laundry area. Even the efficiency of the best tankless water heater can be affected if the system is not installed too far from the demand source.

2. Easily Accessible Areas

The water heater should also be installed in places that are easily accessible so that the heater is much easier to service. Fortunately, with its small size, the tank can be put in closets, under the sink and many other places.

3. Safe from the Elements

Also, although the tank can be installed outdoors, it is intended for indoor use. Consequently, when installed outside, it should be put under an enclosure to keep it safe from weather elements such as rain, direct sunlight, dust and even other kinds of things that might cause damage to it. Additionally, the heater should be installed in places where freezing is not likely since frozen water can cause serious damage to this water heating system.

4. Places with Lower Installation Costs

The tankless water heater can also go where the older version was located. This is great if you are looking to lower your installation costs. When you make this decision, you will only need to make a few changes as the water and gas lines will already be in place. The minor changes needed to make the tankless water heater work can be significantly lower as a result.

On a similar note, you should make installation decisions that don’t require that you make substantial changes to your plumbing system. Otherwise, you could end up spending more on installation than necessary, and this can be easily avoided by installing the water heater in a place that offers better installation convenience.

5. Away from Hazards

As a precaution, you should not install the water heater in places where there might be excess humidity. For instance, putting it under water pipes or air conditioning could lead to moisture that could drip on the water heater due to leaks or condensation. Installations next to electrical boxes and junctions should also be avoided.

You can also consider a water leak detector and a shut-off valve that turns off the water supply when a leak is detected. This should ensure that the system does not suffer further damage and require expensive repairs as a result.

For additional safety, the water heater should be kept at a considerable distance from combustible substances and items. In general, there should be a distance of 24 inches between any such compounds and the water heater and the hot water pipe.

6. In Compliance with the Law

Finally, you should install the water heater in accordance with the laws in your state. This should keep you from running into any issues with the authorities. However, if there are no defined laws on how to install the tankless water, there are standard laws you can follow in order to install the tankless water heater properly.


A tankless water heater may over a lot of versatility as far as installation options go. But still, you should be careful not to put it in places where it might suffer damage, suffer from inefficiencies, or make maintenance an issue. Many tankless water heater reviews don’t adequately address this fact. Granted, finding the ideal spot can seem a little overwhelming since you can have so many options as a homeowner. The above ideas should give you some direction as to where this important system needs to go in your house.

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