When LEGOs help turtles in Baltimore 

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The bricks produced by the Danish company LEGO are loved by young and old all over the world, but we could hardly have imagined that they would also help a rather unfortunate turtle. It happened right in the zoo of Maryland in Baltimore to a poor turtle that for unknown reasons has suffered multiple fractures. Even with a tropicana casino promo code, the unlucky animal would have faced a bitter fate if it weren’t for a particularly creative student in veterinary medicine.

Garrett Fraess, a fourth-year university student, has in fact thought to use LEGOs giving the poor turtle a chance to move. During an interview, he said: “They don’t make turtle-sized wheelchairs. So, we drew some sketches of a customized wheelchair and I sent them to a friend who is a Lego enthusiast”. Together, they made the wheelchair stand for the unfortunate reptile.

Dr. Ellen Bronson also explained that the animal “had multiple fractures on his plastron, the bottom part of his shell and we faced a difficult challenge with maintaining the turtle’s mobility while allowing him to heal properly”. News of the LEGO turtle wheelchair literally went around the world, appearing on websites and news from every continent.

For those who don’t know it, the Maryland Zoo is a place to observe or interact with animals from all over the world. In addition to reconstructions of Africa and the Arctic, you can visit the wild area of the zoo called Maryland Wilderness, which also includes a children’s area. All animals are housed in fences where their natural environments are reproduced.

The zoo, founded in 1876 as Baltimore Zoo, is one of the oldest in the country. Born from when four swans were donated, the zoo now occupies an area of 65 hectares within Druid Hill Park. It opened its first elephant house in the 1920s and has been committed to conserving these animals in their natural habitat ever since.

Today, more than 2,000 amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles from all over the world can be seen here. Don’t miss the African Journey, the zoo’s largest area, where you can see elephants, cheetahs, chimpanzees and many other animals from the African continent. For a small extra fee, you can also feed the giraffes.

There is also a children’s zoo that offers activities with animals and a playground. The VIP-Experience breakfast, famous but also expensive, takes place right next to the animals and is held only on a few days in spring and summer.

The Maryland Zoo is open daily during spring and summer. In winter, the opening hours and attractions are limited but there is a 50% discount on the admission ticket. The Maryland Zoo is just 10 minutes from Baltimore Inner Harbor and in good weather turns into a pleasant opportunity to spend the morning with the family. Parking is free and a canteen is available.