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FBI gets it done while the White House and Congress continue to embarrass our country

LAS VEGAS — Five days after the first improvised explosive device (IED) was delivered to the home of billionaire George Soros, the FBI with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies nabbed their man, Cesar Sayoc.

Hats off to the Bureau and all the law enforcement officers who worked diligently around the clock that culminated in this moron’s swift arrest.

The FBI and our intelligence agencies do an outstanding job.

Cesar Sayoc

No matter what anyone says, don’t blame an entire organization because of the wrongful actions of a few.

Job well done FBI.

I will continue to criticize and call out any public figure or organization when they are wrong, and I will continue to support them when they are right.

As for this guy Sayoc, he obviously isn’t the brightest bulb in the socket and thank God for that.

After a string of previous arrests, he never thought that his fingerprints and DNA might be on file. So this genius took no precautions to ensure he wasn’t leaving his mark on any of the devices.

FBI Director Chris Wray told the media that Sayoc’s DNA was found on two pieces of another device and his fingerprint was found on the envelope of the IED that was sent to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), one of over a dozen political and public figures who were targeted by Sayoc this past week.

Wray said the IED’s were not hoax devices and were constructed from PVC pipe, a battery, clock and energetic material. They were pipe bombs, commonly called that because the explosive material is contained in a pipe enclosure.

As I was watching the news this past week it reminded me of my hometown of New York City back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when bombs were becoming commonplace.

If I remember correctly for an 18 month period starting in 1969 when I was attending high school, I think we had almost 400 explosive devices going off around the city.

Of course, back then there was no Internet.

Anti-establishment propaganda was posted all over the city, on the walls in the subways, in buses and trains, wherever some radical group could use to get their message out.

We did have the Anarchist Cookbook, a virtual encyclopedia for those wanting to become revolutionaries and learn how to construct bombs.

Today, the Anarchist Cookbook has long since been replaced by the Internet.

No need to post signs and propaganda on walls these days, all you have to do is sit down at your computer, spew out your hate, racism and whatever other garbage comes into your mind.

Hate mongering and fear-mongering, it’s all over the Internet.

Thanks to the age of technology anyone can become their own newscaster and gain thousands and in some cases millions of followers, who like modern day Pied Pipers draw in those who agree with their nonsense.

What we have now is thousands of conspiracy websites, run by those who put their own twist, or should I say twisted theories out in the ether.

As Americans, they all have the right to do that, as long as they don’t break the law.

Things were pretty crazy back in the ‘60’s and 70’s, but nothing like we have today in this country.

The divide that we have today as Americans is extremely troublesome.

We can’t agree to disagree with one another and just leave it at that. We have to drag each other down into the gutter, not even the gutter, all the way down the freaking drain.

It starts all the way at the top of government right into the White House, Congress and local politics and it makes no difference what side of the political spectrum they are on, they are all to blame.

Republicans, Democrats, the left, the right all need to take a good look in the mirror and ask themselves a very simple question.

Is this the legacy that I want to leave to my children?

Freedom of speech, expression and peaceful dissent are rights granted to every American. However, there are those who believe only they themselves have those rights and no one else. The rights granted to us by the US Constitution are for all Americans, even those we may disagree with.

That being said, even though we have the right to say something, there are those times when we should all take a deep breath and ask ourselves, although I have the right to say that, is it morally right to say it.

That’s what makes this country great. We have always been a great country. We have made mistakes throughout our history, but we learned from those mistakes.

Leadership starts at the top.

I have said this before. I didn’t vote in the last presidential election and I’m not proud that I didn’t vote. I think it was the first time in my life that I didn’t. I was totally disgusted by the hate and lack of civility on both sides.

During my lifetime I have been a Democrat, a Republican, ending up as a registered independent still with conservative views.

The Democrats have gone way too far left as have the Republicans gone too far to the right. They both need to move toward the center.

The hostility has to end.

Both sides have to come together on this otherwise there will be more Sayoc’s.

This jackass drove around in a mobile billboard with depictions of bullseyes overlaid on pictures of some public figures.

Is this where we are at in this country today?

There is plenty of blame to spread around and the mainstream media outlets also need to take a good look at where they fit into this mess.

We were extremely lucky this time that no one was killed or maimed by those pipe bombs.

After Republican Rep. Steve Scalise was shot, both sides in Congress said they were going to come together and end the hateful speech and bring back civility.

They all failed.

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Doug Poppa

Doug Poppa is a US Army Military Police Veteran, former law enforcement officer, criminal investigator and private sector security and investigations management professional with 40 years of experience. In 1986 Mr. Poppa was awarded “Criminal Investigator of the Year” by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia for his undercover work in narcotics enforcement. He was also re-assigned to the Northern Virginia Regional Narcotics Enforcement Task Force for 18 months. In 1991 and again in 1992 Mr. Poppa’s testimony under oath in court led to the discovery that exculpatory evidence was withheld from the defense by the prosecutor and sheriff’s office officials during the 1988 trial of a man accused of attempted murder of his wife that led to his conviction. As a result of his testimony the man was ordered released from prison, given a new trial in 1992 and found not guilty. Mr. Poppa became the subject of local and national news media attention as a result of his testimony which led to the demise of his 12-year police career. After losing his job, at the request of the FBI, Mr. Poppa infiltrated in an undercover capacity a group of men who were plotting the kidnapping of a Dupont Chemical fortune heir and his wife in 1992. His stories have been featured on Inside Edition, A Current Affair, and CBS News’ Street Stories with Ed Bradley. Contact the author.

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  1. i a man U Better Believe It says:

    The FBI couldn’t figure out a kids Bday party…. ahh 911, Oklahoma bombing, Vegas Shooting, Sandy Hook you want me go on Doug??? anyone who has taken the most basic time to LOOK at evidence and listen to witnesses knows these corrupt alphabet agencies are operating unlawfully they are tools for fools who actually buy the recent round of so called packages mailed to corrupt democrats and media people how convenient to make the crooks look like they are the poor victims… everyone of those people have enormous facts surrounding them of corruption…. but you put on your cute little cheerleader outfit for the FBI…and actually buy it Doug???? Educate yourself man… Bill Binney and Kevin Shipp to very and highly skilled PROFESSIONALS have FACTSsaid much about those you seem to think are honorable they can’t even solve 911 when anyone with half a brain can see the entire narrative is corrupt…as for you…I didn’t see you go after Stallone when his victim launched legal actions and the police come back and say NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE recently when you went off with all this KNOWLEDGE you had on what and who did what…why didn’t you speak up and provide an affidavit to what you have told everyone??? And now you write for a newspaper which are all shills the people are lied to every day to what is really going on and you sir are not helping that is for sure… if the FBI had ANY credibility… it would be all over all those events I mention especially Vega’s.


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