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when it’s over


the excuse of being a kid


decisions I won’t regret

I may end up looking damn funny with

bank accounts allergic to money

and a girl out of place

on her way out with great haste

I wouldn’t blame her

I’ve become a stranger

allow me to introduce you to

a man who knows

what he needs to do

when it’s over

when it’s over

I’ll look at what remains

and know what I became

when it’s over

through all the change

I’ll see what I’ve gained

fuck all the pain

I’m the only one to blame

when it’s over

when it’s over

I always say I wish I knew what I knew now

ten years ago and then maybe somehow

I’m not here in a mid-life breakdown

tear myself apart, jealous when I look around

at the youth who seems light years ahead

while I’m sitting here watchin’ instead

Another search provides motivation

I rehearse for my own aspirations

I put my 40 in

lose a little bit

of the soul I own

back to the studio

I don’t believe in luck

I don’t believe in fate

I learn from the past

adapt and recreate


no more time

for who I’ll be

the marks on this test

like tattoos on your chest

always be there to see

I accept

all of my missteps

I got the cheat codes to the quest

one player, no time for rest

no time for regression

here’s your lesson


About the author


REED is a songwriter/producer out of Philadelphia, creating haunting music with a heavy emphasis on the specifics. Ben Reed, born in Chadds Ford, PA, began releasing his own style of Electro-Soul earlier this summer, and continues to produce tracks that infect your memory with catchy hooks enhanced by relatable, detailed lyrics. Reed is a self-taught guitarist and pianist, who writes, sings, produces, and masters all his own material. Formerly of an acoustic songwriting-duo, Reed played numerous shows along the East Coast, and gained a respectable following nation-wide via local radio play and social media sites. In late 2011, after moving back to Pennsylvania from a 2 year stay for a job in Huntington Beach, CA, REED purchased a new Taylor guitar and began writing music again, but this time expanding to a newer, unique sound by combining electro, soul, rnb, and pop. . Contact the author.

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