What’s new (or new to me) at Efteling Park

I visited Efteling theme park in the Netherlands for the third time in October, 2015, towards the end of my five-week European trip. It’d been nearly two years since I’d last been there, and the previous two visits had been short day-trips from Amsterdam. But this time I stayed on-site at the Efteling Hotel for three nights! As a result, I was able to fully explore every inch of the park, so there were a lot of things that ended up being “new to me”. There was also some actual new stuff, including the Baron 1898 dive coaster! Really short ride, but fun, and extremely well-themed.

Efteling is continuing to add new restaurants and attractions, including a massive hotel/resort and a high-tech dark ride. They’re really investing in their park, and it shows. In my opinion, Efteling blows Disneyland Paris out of the water, and I’d even go so far to say that it’s the nicest theme park I’ve ever visited anywhere in the world (slightly inching out Disneyland in Anaheim).