What should a Smart Home actually be able to do?

The Automated Bathroom

It’s not just heated toilet seats and smart mirrors that now make the bathroom a place of elegant convenience. New technology allows for taking a hot shower for as long as you want without depleting the hot water — it is heated on-site in the bathroom and is a huge cost saver for those concerned with their gas/electricity bills say the IoT experts at Overkiz home automation.

As reported in the newest home market bulletins, the entire plumbing industry has been turned on its head by the technological revolution going on in the bathroom. Traditional plumbers are finding it necessary to learn basic computer programming skills in order to deal with the mini-computers now running algorithms in bathrooms to regulate water flow and other essentials. This is all detailed in the Home Automation Market reports coming out this year.

Living room and bedroom

Updated home automation reports have been very busy analyzing the data about these two most important and critical rooms in a home. Some studies show that people will spend the majority of their time at home in either the bedroom or the living room. And so, conversely, these two rooms have been the focus of much research and analyses when it comes to new technology offerings.

Long term players in the automated home market, and that now includes buyers, sellers, contractors, realtors, and even local zoning boards, will need to do their homework by looking into the latest domotics reports in order to make sure that the bedroom and living room space in new housing not only meets, but exceeds prospective homebuyers expectations, and is not impacted negatively by any zoning ordinances. In a surprising twist, one of the greatest concerns of consumers when it comes to purchasing a home is the ability to completely control the ambient lighting in the living room and bedroom. Options in demand include a preponderance of voice-controlled indirect lighting and creating a true light vacuum in the bedroom for a more profound sleep experience.