A step by step guide for finding the best places to stay in Oregon

Imagine this; you got off a plane, landed in Portland, USA and have no clue of where to stay the night or for the duration of the time you spend in the splendid city of Portland (Oregon) what are you going to do? Well luckily you’ll have this handy- dandy guide to help you find the best places to stay.

Steps of finding the best possible places to stay

1. Use Google or any other browser for that matter and search for hotels, hostels or inns near your area or any area that will be convenient for you during your stay there. The size and location of the hotel should also be taken into consideration as smaller hotels that are further and closer to the out skirts of the town are usually quieter and offer an insight to country life which many will find interesting; especially in Portland where the out skirts of the city offer a wanderlust of the forests, mountains and the sea if you travel west. Contrasting  a small hotel on the outskirts , a larger chain hotel in the city centre may be of consideration for many who wish to experience the nightlife of the city and the busy bustling streets if commerce during the day.

2. Look at the reviews and pricing; the most important step of finding a good place to stay is to look at what other customers are saying about the specific chosen place to stay which can be done on review websites such as Yelp. If many customers are praising the place about certain desirable qualities such as, kind staff, great hospitality and a good breakfast or then it must surely be a great place to stay and therefore it should be considered by you as a place to stay. However, the ratings must match the price of the place as it should be what is deemed by you as worth it. For example you wouldn’t pay £1000 per night for a place which has a low rating and gets constant customer complaints about bad hygiene and cockroaches. That’s just not worth it! 

3. Check social media and other websites such as for a chance to rent some one’s home and get a chance to live like a local. This would be incredibly interesting and possibility is exciting for many due to the fact that by living like a local you could get a deeper insight of the culture of the people in the area due to the close proximity to the fact that you are living among them. Furthermore, living in a residential area allows you to form close bonds with neighbours; allowing you to possibly make life long bonds and new friends for your next visit to Portland.

 4. Decide. Taking everything into account, it is time to make a decision based on your preferences, your conditions, your location and your circumstances.  Different situations require different appropriate places to stay; so it’s time to make a decision biased on your situation. However, no matter what situation you should try to enjoy your time in Portland – Oregon.