What Makes a Great Food Truck?

Over the last decade food trucks have grown in popularity and impressed us all with the top-tier foods they’re serving up. With plenty of competitions and shows that feature the best of the food truck world, there’s no limit to what great culinary things a food truck can do.

Even if you make a brief stop by The Food Dudes, you’ll quickly see how The Food Dudes have become industry leaders in this food arena. Food trucks have quickly become favourites for special events both private and public. Whether it’s for a corporate shindig or a popular festival where food takes the centre stage, a food truck can provide a casual yet chic vibe to any event.

If you’re looking to add a food truck to an upcoming special event of your own, why wait? Here are some of the things you should look for. Take the following factors into consideration when teaming up with a truck for your event.


At the heart of the food truck, behind the sandwiches or burgers, is a concept. A food truck is a very small and specific business, so it’s important to have a cohesive and planned-out concept that will help with the business side of promoting and branding. There are plenty of things that go into a good food truck concept, though what’s certain is that you should never compromise your food for a gimmick.

A good food truck concept might be focused around a regional cuisine or a cultural staple such as an east-coast food truck that serves up lobster rolls and chowder. The concept or theme of a food truck should fit in with the city or region that it services. Think of a food truck like a part of the community — while it may move around to different parts of town, it should have its own character and style that incorporates the culture around it.

The Experience

Is the food truck parked in a scenic part of the neighbourhood Are there benches set up in front of the truck so you can eat in comfort? Does the sight of a food truck get you even more pumped for your favourite music festival? It’s one thing to be able to rely on the creativity and cleanliness of an excellent food truck it’s a whole other level of culinary experience for that truck to be tied to something special. A great food truck knows its place as a unique type of dining experience and does something to acknowledge that with its guests whether it be unique packaging or an excellent ambiance.

The People

Service matters wherever you go and that’s especially true for the food and hospitality industry. The people behind the food truck who are working quickly, efficiently, and with a smile on their face are going to be a huge factor in whether or not you enjoy what a food truck has to offer.