Meet the CEO of Christ Embassy, Pastor Deola Phillips

Meet the CEO of Christ Embassy, Pastor Deola Phillips

Abraham Cuch

The 2018 International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference (IPPC) celebrated many Christ Embassy milestones of the year. There was the record-breaking distribution of over 1 billion Rhapsody of Realities, digital media breakthroughs at the IMCC, mega-hits produced by the ministry’s top gospel artists, and yet amidst, all of these grand achievements, what has stood out the most, is Pastor Deola’s prestigious win as the Christ Embassy’s Pastor of the year.

For the eighth consecutive year, Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 took home the prestigious leadership award of the Loveworld Nation’s Top Partnering Zone. The woman behind this momentous achievement is none other than Pastor Deola Phillips.

Pastor Deola Phillips has a had an illustrious career. As the ‘right-hand woman’ to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the ambitious CEO has played an integral part in both fortifying the church’s foundations, as well as expanding its’ global reach. Pastor Deola Phillips is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

This is not the first time Pastor Deola Phillips has made waves in the ministry. This highly esteemed Christ Embassy partner has been successfully juggling some of the most crucial roles in the church for almost a decade. As the manager of both the annual IPPC and the International School of Ministry, Phillips has a lot of responsibility on her hands.

The IPPC is the ministry’s most notable global conference of the year. The annual international gathering celebrates Christ Embassy’s biggest exploits of the year. Managing an event like this is no easy feat. The week-long IPPC holds several conferences that celebrate the many aspects of Christ Embassy. During the global convention, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome awarded Phillips for outstanding achievements by handing her one the most notable prizes of the Christ Embassy ministry, the Top Partnering Zone Award. She expressed in her speech about how she is prepared to give her all for the Word of God.

“I’m stepping forward. I’m ready and I’m able. I’m putting everything I have for the building of the temple. I’m giving willingly for the advancement of the gospel. The Lord can depend on me to do big things.” According to a Loveworld report, Pastor Deola Phillips cried tears of joy on receiving the award.

The award is handed out once a year during the annual International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference and is known as one of the most prestigious prizes in the global convention. The Pastor also spearheads the Trauma Care Intl. Foundation, an NGO that is dedicated to improving the health status and life expectancy of local communities, nations, and regions by promoting improved trauma care and emergency response services.

The organization has succeeded in executing over a thousand first aid, safety and Emergency Response training and educating tens of thousands of school pupils, law enforcement officers, teachers, caregivers, and road transport workers. These training sessions are comprised of specialized lectures and practical demonstrations designed to further enhance the quality of emergency response provided.

In addition, Deola Phillips is the manager of the International School of Ministry, an institution that specializes in equipping and training future ministers in the “Gospel of Christ”, as well as several other initiatives, such as the Volunteer Medical Corps, a medical outreach program that provides medical care, relief, assistance, and sustainable health care solutions to communities who are in dire need; and the Future Africa Leaders Foundation Awards (FALA), an award ceremony that celebrates young African leaders.

The CEO is also one of the very few recipients of the highly esteemed and coveted St. Paul’s Award and a member of the Loveworld Hall of Fame. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome handed the award to her and said, “You will do things that will put my praise on the lips of men.” She quoted Pastor Chris, as she defined leadership to be, “the ability to respond, because leadership is the assumption of responsibility, of guidance, control and directing, following the burden of higher intelligence or superior knowledge or information.”

Pastor Deola Phillips’ achievements are a testament to her unbreakable commitment to the ministry. This is something that developed early in life, despite coming from a secular background. Phillips has said that although she comes from a family “where no one ever talked about being born again or even a relationship with God”, she still experienced an indescribable connection to God.

With this deep connection and commitment to the cause, Pastor Deola Phillips has become an integral part Christ Embassy and will continue to be a key contributor to its ever-growing influence. She states, “I had become conscious of God in a way I really couldn’t explain.” In an interview with Loveworld TV, Phillips described the moment she felt a change. “I remember standing at the gate of the girls’ dormitory where I lived as a boarding student, knowing that something had happened, and my life would no longer be the same.”


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