What Industries Benefit the Most from Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (aka AI) is something that can be seen only in movies. The technology has been explored for more than fifty years, but it started penetrating various industries in the last two decades. Needless to say, AI is becoming better each passing day, and people more than ever rely on it for various reasons.

Let’s take a look at the industries that already use this technology to improve their operations.


Many doctors nowadays rely on AI that helps them discover various diseases. Computer vision is being explored big time, especially in relation to X-rays. Very soon, AI will automatically be able to scan X-ray images and make quick deductions about possible health issues.

Moreover, machine learning, which is one of the most important branches of AI, will be able to find patterns for some diseases, meaning that this technology will help us find out more about rare genetic diseases.


Casinos are often a target of various cheaters and robbers. Their security is something that many casino operators pay a lot of attention to, especially in Vegas. People who come to play Vegas slots can enjoy the benefits of cybersecurity which is assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

So what does AI actually do in casinos? First of all, it recognizes possible attacks from hackers and creates appropriate protection, as even land-based casinos are all interconnected nowadays.

One of the interesting aspects of AI is facial recognition that can be used to recognize people banned from a casino. However, this technology is still rejected by casinos as it raises various regulation problems and could violate the privacy of casino visitors.


Software used in the construction industry has been using AI in order to improve the majority of processes. It simply minimizes the possibility of a human error, making the construction process not only faster but also significantly cheaper. People working in this industry believe that AI will take over a big part of it in the future and improve it significantly.


It seems that education hasn’t changed a lot in a while, and AI threatens to completely disrupt the industry and revolutionize the way we learn. The technology will be able to make personalized learning methods as well as unique tests for all, so that they could learn faster and more efficiently.


With the introduction of the Internet, marketing got a completely new perspective. Nowadays, marketers have all the necessary data at their disposal and are inventing various innovative marketing strategies. However, it takes time to collect and analyze data, and this is a perfect opportunity for AI to take over. The majority of processes in digital marketing are already automated, thanks to technologies such as machine learning.


Perhaps the first instance of AI was in video games. Numerous non-player characters were driven by artificial intelligence and created valuable opponents for players. One of the best examples of AI in games is chess. No living chess player can beat AI at this moment!