What Are Your Options For Teeth Straightening As A Young Adult?

Image by Michael Larsson from Pixabay 

  • Video calls can enhance or undermine personal branding. 
  • A healthy, beautiful smile is important for young adults trying to build their personal brand online.
  • Teeth alignment treatments can enhance young adults’ smile and confidence, and thereby enhance their personal branding during video calls.

Career coaches Scott Allen and David Loomis explain that personal branding has become more crucial in the context of working from home. They stress that “you’ll have to make the impression you want on video … everything that appears in that video will contribute to your personal brand”.

Paying attention to physical appearance is, therefore, crucial for projecting the right image during video calls. According to Susan Chritton, an expert in personal brand strategy, “grooming is a complex form of visual, nonverbal communication”, and so “caring for and maintaining your teeth” can enhance your personal brand.

Given that dental misalignment or malocclusion is very common among young adults, and has potentially negative effects on self-esteem and confidence, a growing number of young people are showing interest in invisible braces to enhance their personal brands. These transparent teeth alignment devices can greatly improve the aesthetic quality of a person’s smile, while also enabling them to project a more confident self-image. 

There are a growing number of brands on the market, with many offering convenient, affordable  ‘at-home’ treatment options that are well-suited to the needs of young adults. Smile Prep is one of the companies that has sought to meet the growing need for information on cosmetic dentistry products and services such as clear aligners. 

Smile Prep provides up-to-date guidance and consumer information, as well as highly rigorous, accurate, and reliable product and treatment reviews. Young adults interested in clear aligner treatments that will enhance their personal brand during video calls might benefit from consulting Smile Prep’s valuable information regarding Teeth Straightening For Young Adults.

Teeth straightening treatments

There are a wide range of teeth-straightening options on the market. Here is a brief overview of seven different teeth straightening treatment options.

At-home clear aligners

Clear aligners are removable transparent, plastic devices worn as an alternative to traditional metal braces. There are now a growing number of brands offering what is known as ‘at home’ clear aligner treatments. At-home treatments are undergone remotely, without need for ‘in-office’ appointments with orthodontic professionals. Some of the leading brands offering ‘at-home’ treatments include Byte, Candid, and AlignerCo.

While at-home clear aligner treatments are only suitable for mild to medium severity cases of misalignment, this treatment option is more convenient, quicker, and affordable when compared with conventional in-office clear aligner treatment. Average prices range between $1500 and $3000.

Traditional braces

These are the metal devices most people associate with teeth straightening. Though traditional metal braces are typically not as comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, or affordable as clear aligners, they are capable of effectively treating severe, complex misalignments.

Traditional metal braces are more costly than many other treatment options (such as clear aligners), and the treatment process also takes relatively long (between 18 and 24months).

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are like traditional metal braces, but they are positioned behind rather than in front of the teeth. As with metal braces, lingual braces are only available through in-office treatments with orthodontic professionals. Lingual braces are also highly effective at treating severe cases of misalignment. 

Lingual braces are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal braces, but their location at the back of the teeth can result in greater discomfort. It is also important to note that lingual braces are typically more expensive than traditional metal braces, costing roughly between $8000 and $10 000.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces function in the same way as metal braces, but they look more attractive because they use clear or tooth-colored brackets. 

Ceramic braces offer a shorter, and more comfortable treatment than traditional and lingual metal braces. The average cost is between $4000 and $8000. 


Veneers are perhaps the most immediate and complete teeth improvement solution. Veneers are basically porcelain casings placed over each individual tooth. This treatment is used for multiple cosmetic issues like discoloration and misalignment. 

Veneers are probably the most expensive option, however, with treatments costing roughly $1500 per tooth.  

Final Thought

Young adults should empower themselves with knowledge about different alignment options, so that they can find the specific treatment that best suits their unique smile improvement needs.