Dental News: Smile Prep Discusses The Difference Between Byte and Invisalign

Image by Guilherme Ariga GUI WOOK from Pixabay

  • Work-from-home (WFH) arrangements have increased the use of online video call communication. Among other impacts, this has foregrounded the importance of physical appearance in the context of personal brand building.
  • Having a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the most effective ways to enhance one’s personal brand when using this medium of communication. 
  • Smile Prep’s comparison between two leading clear aligners – Byte and Invisalign – offers a starting point for anyone wishing to improve the image they are presenting on video calls.

The rapid and dramatic shift towards remote working has forced people to consider how they present themselves online. Current research indicates that the work-from-home (WFH) phenomenon requires people to “appropriate domestic spaces for work, while negotiating childcare and dress code, all of which potentially compromises their professional persona”.

The significance of physical appearance in the workplace has increased as work meetings are increasingly being conducted via online video calls. This medium of communication can greatly enhance one’s personal brand when approached intelligently. 

However, the novelty of this medium of communication means that there is a widespread lack of knowledge about how to use it effectively. As career coaching expert William Arruda observes: “you need to be deliberate in your video communications and make sure that the technology and everything that surrounds it supports your message …”.

This article will consider one of the most effective ways to improve the image we project when communicating on video calls, namely: improving our smile.

Improve your smile to enhance your personal brand

Dental professional Dr. Pamela Marzban notes that “there are some definite characteristics you want from your smile to make sure it’s helping you to establish your personal brand”. She emphasizes that “in order to convey the right impression, you want a smile that’s healthy”.  

The growing trend towards ‘at-home’ cosmetic dental treatments is now making it increasingly convenient and cost-effective to get the kind of healthy, beautiful and clean smile that can enhance one’s personal brand. 

Clear aligner treatments are one of the most popular examples of this trend. Online companies like Smile Prep are responding to this need by helping consumers to find the ‘at-home’ clear aligner treatments that best suit their specific needs. Smile Prep provides comprehensive and detailed guidance and resources on ‘at-home’ dental treatments. Smile Prep also produces rigorous, accurate and unbiased reviews of leading clear aligner brands. 

For anyone considering ‘at-home’ clear aligners as a means of enhancing their personal brand, Smile Prep’s comparative review of Byte and Invisalign might be a useful place to start. 

Byte vs Invisalign: a Smile Prep comparison

Here is a brief overview of Smile Prep’s comparison between these two leading clear aligner brands (This website provides a more detailed, in-depth comparison). 


Byte is among the top companies offering ‘at-home’ orthodontic products like clear aligners. The company has very reasonably priced, high-quality products, and its treatment process is fast, convenient and effective. Smile Prep’s review highlights the following advantages of Byte’s clear aligners treatments.

  • Convenience – Byte’s ‘at-home’ model allows customers to complete the treatment without the need for ‘in-office’ appointments.
  • Fast treatment – Byte’s ‘daytime’ clear aligner treatment can be completed in only 3 to 4 months, while the ‘nighttime’ treatment only takes 5 months to complete.
  • Byte For Life Guarantee – Byte offers all customers a lifetime guarantee on their treatment, which includes realignments and replacement aligners.
  • Affordable price point – Byte clear aligner treatment starts at a reasonable $1895 (compared with Invisalign’s treatments, which cost between $3000 and $7000).


Invisalign has been offering ‘in-office’ clear aligner treatments for over two decades, and was the first company to introduce clear aligner devices to the market. The company is renowned for the high quality of its products and services, which are provided by an expert team of orthodontic professionals. Smile Prep emphasizes the following advantages that Invisalign customers can benefit from. 

  • Proven reliability – Invisalign has extensive experience and a reputation for providing effective, trustworthy, reliable clear aligner treatments.
  • Professional support – unlike ‘in-office’ treatments,  Invisalign’s entire treatment process is directly supported by dentists and specialist orthodontic professionals who work with customers in-person.
  • High quality – Invisalign’s products are recognized for being of exceptional quality.

Smile Prep’s Conclusion

Due to the convenience, price, and high quality of Byte’s clear aligner treatments, Smile Prep concludes that Byte’s treatment is likely to be preferred by most consumers. Smile Prep nevertheless highlights that Invisalign may be the right choice for those consumers who are most concerned with getting the best results possible and less concerned with price, treatment speed, and convenience.