We the Internet TV takes John Oliver to task

Political comedy channel rips Oliver for his rant on charter schools.

New York, NY — Today political comedy news channel We the Internet TV released the short, scathing video “John Oliver is Wrong About Charter Schools” on its YouTube channel, which posts original satirical videos about American politics. The video rebuts an 18-minute rant featured on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, in which comedian John Oliver ridiculed charter schools. But charters, which receive public funding but operate independently, are no laughing matter. Charter schools serve nearly 3 million students today—76 percent of whom are non-white, and 39 percent of whom are from low-income families.

“John Oliver is Wrong About Charter Schools” challenges Oliver’s arguments, calling out the Last Week Tonight comedian for glossing over charter schools’ many benefits and ignoring flaws in traditional public schools.

“We released this video because John Oliver’s reporting on this topic was lazy. Funny, but lazy. In reality, millions of children have escaped failing public schools to succeed in charter schools,” said We the Internet’s head writer and video host Lou Perez. “We’re not saying charter schools are perfect, but it’s disingenuous to pretend that they don’t provide real benefits for millions of families who have few choices when it comes to educating their children.”

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