‘We Figured Out How to Get Bookings When We Were Asleep,’ says Filip Boksa, the founder of the King of Maids and BookingKoala

When you’re serious about your goals, you don’t want anything to stand in the way of them,” says Filip Boksa, the man behind the King of Maids and BookingKoala. His entrepreneurial journey is a perfect blend of passion, obsession, and the sacrifices that he made to bring his dream into reality. All entrepreneurs start small at some point of time, but to scale your business by implementing the right strategies requires an entrepreneurial mindset that Filip has outrightly proved in his journey.

Boksa began his journey with King of Maids in Chicago, IL when he was just a 19-year-old. He collaborated with one of his friends by making a combined investment of $6,000, which in no time turned into over $5,000,000 by the time he was 22. After this considerable achievement, Boksa developed enough confidence in him to run a business, and he started his journey with BookingKoala, which is his yet another successful venture. His only vision is to make BookingKoala a unicorn without any outside capital, but solely as a bootstrapped initiative.

The journey was not going to be easy. Boksa had to buckle himself up and happily perform all the menial tasks that went into establishing the foundation of his business. He managed his studies simultaneously with proper time management. Once his business reached a certain level, Boksa decided to take the plunge and dropped out to become a full-time entrepreneur. “I still remember back to the first morning when I woke up to clients booking our services overnight. It was something special, and we figured out how to start a cleaning business and get bookings while we were asleep, “says Filip.

Boksa’s journey is an inspiration for all budding entrepreneurs, motivating them to never step back from giving their best shot and be ready to make sacrifices. On that note, he advises all entrepreneurs to think outside the box and be extremely creative. “It just goes to show you that if you keep on working hard, doors will open themselves up for you.” I never thought of building something like BookingKoala, but when the opportunity opened up, I went for it,” says the Polish entrepreneur.

“When you’re younger, you’ve yet to experience certain things, which makes taking a risk easier.” As you grow, you make more mistakes and you learn things, which sometimes can prevent you from taking a risk again, “affirms Boksa, that it is absolutely fine to make mistakes.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Boksa has been quite serious about his goals and has sacrificed his leisure to save as much money as possible to fund all his business ideas. He always made a list of tasks to be done and completed all of them on a priority basis. “I still remember back to the first morning when I woke up to clients booking our services overnight. It was something special, and we figured out how to make money while we were asleep, “says Boksa, after putting in years of hard work in making his venture as successful as it stands today.