Wandering and wondering in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

One day when I was there in early May, the temperature hit 102 degrees. That night I checked out the MGM casino on “The Strip” and it was so huge, I almost got lost. I’ll bet there are more slot machines there then there are crabs left in the Chesapeake Bay.

 A cab driver, a man of Greek heritage, who had been in the “Sin City” for more than four decades trying to make an honest buck, shared his thoughts about the popular tourist spot with me.

He said: “It used to be for the elite, the high rollers, but today, it caters primarily to the masses.”

Well, since I’m one of the “masses,” I thought I should just chill-out and take in what I could on my four-day mini-tour.

Walking along “The Strip” is great fun particularly at night. Of course, like New York’s fabled “Times Square,” there are a wide assortment of folks, some in the weird-oh variety, doing their thing. A few were there to show off their musical artistry.

In fact, one talented dude was drumming away on his “Trinidad-Tobago” set. I could swear he’s a distant relative of Bmore’s own man-for-all seasons – Wayne “Shorty” Davis.

A Happy DrummerYou always hope you going to run into a celebrity in a jumping entertainment town such as Las Vegas. But alas, that was not to be. I did, however, zoom in on some pretty darn good celebrity impersonators, including one of Patrick Taney’s faves, Hunter S. Thompson. Taney is the author of my favorite zines, “Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore.”

Getting back to Thompson, he penned the classic book, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

He was teamed up with a Johnny Depp look alike. To prove that I met this duo, I needed to have my picture taken with them, otherwise Taney would be unpersuaded by my claim. When I let the Johnny Depp-guy know I was deep background in the John Waters’ flick “Cry-Baby,” in the court room scene (shot at the old Northern District Police Station) with Depp, he was very much impressed.

 For things to see, I strongly recommend a visit to Fremont Street aka “Old Town Vegas.” Plenty to do there and the out-door entertainment is a freebee. I also enjoyed the buffet at the “Golden Nugget.” If you remember from cable television the sensational Ted Binoin Murder Case, it will enhance your visit to his gambling den, “Binoin’s, in old town.

I was hoping to get an interview with the billionaire owner of the “Las Vegas Sands” hotel/casino, the controversial Sheldon Adelson. He’s a mega contributor to the Repugs/Teabagger Party aka the “GOP.” Adelson was recently in the news censoring the embattled New Jersey’s governor, one Chris Christie (Repug-Bridgegate). Go to learn more to:  But, I just couldn’t work Mr. Adelson into my busy schedule. Maybe, next time.

Finally, don’t put off a visit either. If the water/electricity problem, via the ongoing drought in the Southwest of the U.S. isn’t solved soon, it could be “lights out” for Vegas.

Stay tuned.

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The Impersonators
The Impersonators

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  • July 22, 2014 at 12:55 AM

    Nice write up! FYI it’s weirdo not weird-oh, and it’s Binion’s not Binoin. Sorry to correct, but for a published article it’s needed. 🙂
    And the Hunter S. Thompson you met was my friend David McBride!

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