Vancouver BC Personal Trainer Certification – How to Become a Certified Personal Trainer in BC?

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Physical fitness is a very tough crowd (yes, the pun was totally intended). More importantly, becoming a certified personal trainer is also equally as hard in some places when it comes to obtaining the right certifications and training, but not in Vancouver, BC. There is an entire university that we’ll explain as well. But we also want to make sure that in this guide we tell you what it’s going to take to become a good personal trainer. This and your education is the key to your success.

  1. You are a Business Owner, Not Just a Physical Fitness Expert
    When you’re a personal trainer, you have to know whether it’s going to be a part time or full time job for you. You also need to know beforehand what cert you want to go for. While fitness may be what drives you, before you even start your education, you need to know that you’ll have things in place for taxes, scheduling, expenses and paperwork. You have to at least think like a business owner in order to become a good one so once you have your education you can be ready to get going on your career path.
  2. Location is Everything
    Do you want to host your clients’ classes making house calls? Or do you want to do your workout sessions at outdoor locations, gyms, or health clubs? You need to think about what limitations you could possibly in the area you live in, and know how living in a more populated place with more options can be a good choice.
  3. What’s Your Specialization?
    Are you wanting to do weight training? Weight loss programs? Specialize in senior fitness? Military fitness? Or maybe youth programs? Even though with the college you may go to can get you certified and trained with all different fields, you still want to know what you want to do with your experience.
  4. Be Sure to Make Time For Yourself
    Even if you’re wanting to make it a full-time job, know that you need to still take time off once in a while so you don’t get burnt out! You need to be able to be there for your clients, so make sure you take a week off or days off once in a while. Take retreats away from work once in a while so you can get out of your “element”. Be sure you give yourself some sick time to handle things, in case a cold or flu hits you.

Where to Get the Best Training in Vancouver

Now we’re going to explain some about that college we mentioned. Once you have the mindset that you want to become a personal trainer, finding the right school is essential. The Hilltop Academy is the best BC college dedicated to nothing but fitness and has classes to meet your needs.

You’ll learn everything you will need in order to handle health and medical issues that can challenge you, get medical training so you can do things like CPR and more, as well as be a good personal trainer for others of all age ranges, and even get your personal trainer certification that will register you as a fitness trainer in the BCRPA and even the American Council of Exercise, making you a completely diverse personal trainer. You can hop on their website and see what programs they have available and get more information to start your physical fitness training journey today!

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