Finding a Pediatric Dentist in Jacksonville

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Kids can be tough little critters every day when it comes to falling down, skinning their knees, and yet they keep on running. But when their teeth hurt, this is something that they’re not used to, and believe it or not, they may need some extra help when it comes to taking care of their teeth. That’s where a pediatric dentist comes in – their job is to make it a little easier for Mom and Dad when it comes to caring for your children’s teeth and teaching them good dental hygiene.

What do Pediatric Dentists Do?

One of the most common problems children face is cavities. But another one that is very common is losing the enamel on their teeth. This can be due to a lot of reasons, but even genetics can play a very big role in this one. When it comes to the erosion of enamel, and protecting your child’s baby teeth, a good dentist will fill any cavities that they have, and then they can let you choose from various treatment options, from crowns, all the way to porcelain veneers, which help to line your child’s teeth and protect them from outside elements that can cause them to decay any faster.

Other than that, they may need their teeth straightened, and a pediatric dentist can often choose from a wide variety of methods to help keep your baby’s smile white, bright, and truly in good health while looking great.

How to Find that Dentist

Normally, a pediatric dentist needs to be seen as soon as they’re a year old or start to cut teeth. This can be somewhat stressful when it comes to finding the right dentist. There is a search tool though that helps you find the right dentist for your needs at the AASD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry). Make sure that your pediatric dentist has at least two years over a regular dentist. You also want to make sure they’re certified with pediatric dentistry.

You can Always Schedule a Consult

Don’t just try to stick with the first dentist or the cheapest dentist that comes to mind; shop around. When you have a couple dentists available, go ahead and make consultations with them. This will allow you to see just how your child reacts to them and how they can help to make your child’s visit a positive one, so they won’t mind coming back. They have to be courteous, and be able to get on a kid’s level with certain things, just like a pediatric surgeon or doctor would do.


When you’re looking for a dentist in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in pediatric dentistry, you can look forward to Farnham Dentistry and add them to your faithful list of prospects when it comes to getting the right dentist for your children. They have years of experience, and they know how to interact great with kids. They’ll help to teach your children healthy dental care habits that can enhance and make their smile shining for you for years to come.