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Unsolved 2016 Land/Kauffman murders not listed on Las Vegas Metro Police website

UPDATE:  After the Baltimore Post-Examiner published the story (below) about the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department failing to list the Sydney Land and Nehemiah ‘Neo’ Kauffman’s murders on its open-case website, and the victim’s mother Connie Land complained about it, the department updated its website Wednesday to include those tragic killings.

LAS VEGAS — October 26 of this year will be the three year anniversary of the unsolved double homicide of Sydney Land and Nehemiah “Neo’ Kauffman, who were both found in their Northwest Las Vegas apartment with a bullet wound to their heads in 2016.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department — led by Mr. Transparent Sheriff Joe Lombardo —maintains an open homicide case profile on their website that lists unsolved homicides dating back to 1950.

The LVMPD website lists eight open homicide cases for 2016, but strangely enough, the murders of Sydney Land and Nehemiah Kauffman are not mentioned anywhere on the website as of Tuesday at 3:15 p.m. PST.

Hey Joe, Why is that?

On Tuesday, Connie Land the mother of Sydney Land sent an email to the LVMPD Homicide Bureau inquiring why the murders of her daughter Sydney and her boyfriend Nehemiah Kauffman are not mentioned as open cases.

Connie Land also took to Facebook for help.

The Baltimore Post-Examiner has published numerous stories on the Land/Kauffman murders including allegations by Las Vegas Township Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson that the murders happened as a result of her and her daughter being outed as a source of information by LVMPD vice detectives to another LVMPD police officer just hours before the murders occurred.

Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson

Tobiasson alleges that it was her and her daughter who were the ones to be killed and not Land and Kauffman.

Apparently the Las Vegas media does not think that a sitting judge’s allegations are newsworthy as they have consistently failed to report what the Baltimore Post-Examiner has uncovered.

Police corruption and misconduct surround this murder case and now we have to ask Sheriff Joe Lombardo why is it that for almost three years the unsolved Land/ Kauffman murders are not represented on the LVMPD’s open homicide case website.

It is extremely troubling and disturbing that the police would not list this unsolved double homicide on the website, which raises just another question in this bizarre criminal investigation.

Hey Joe, how about an answer?

Editor’s Note: Check out the podcast about the murders.

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  1. Snitch says:

    Detective Grimmett is the only one who has been honest. Dosch visited shane every month in high desert. Tobiasson NEVER told Land that FBI was investigating. She told Land that the FBI wasnt taking the case. She was concerned that they would ignore it because they were protecting metro. She has always been on Connie’s side despite what connie tells you or what metro leads her to believe. Divide and conquer. if they can make her and aryanne believe she is the bad guy, that serves their purpose. You discredited her which feeds into their protection plan rather than exposes the truth which tells me you are on their side. She certainly couldn’t rely on metro to protect her and her child but she thought you would. For you to attack Grimmett and Tobiasson makes it clear you don’t care about the truth. Maybe when you get fired from your 4th job you can hit up the National Enquirer.

  2. Snitch says:

    Just so we are on the same page regarding the source. Doug was cop. Doug surveyed then wife while on duty bc he thinks she is having affair. Doug gets fired. Doug then becomes FBI informant on Dupont case. (Look up Vanity Fair Doug Poppa). Doug is about to testify for FBI and then says nope. Not until I get paid. Acquittal. Good job Doug.
    Doug then becomes security at Riviera Hotel and gets fired.
    Now he is a “reporter” Just sayin. Consider the source.

  3. Snitch says:

    You got fired from police dept. Then became Gov’t informant on Dupont case. Research Doug Poppa Dupont case Vanity Fair. Doug Poppa wife beater. I simply did my research on you. However, be clear, everyone on this blog wants the same thing. Find the person responsible. Period.

    • Doug Poppa
      Doug Poppa says:

      I am so glad I am pissing you off. The truth hurts and the facts are facts, so get over it. You alone are responsible for your actions and in the end the truth will all come out and you will be held accountable.

  4. Snitch says:

    Look up Doug Poppa government informant Dupont.
    Look up Doug Poppa wife beater. Hard to get fired as a cop but you using police powers while on the job to survey wife at the time apparently got it done. Then you go to government informant and blow Dupont case bc you want to get paid. Now you have your laptop and are a blogger. What’s worse a corrupt cop or a snitch? Congrats you’re both.

  5. Just wow says:

    Condolences to the victims family members. How sad as a society we have become to have to condemn the actions of people who tried to do the right thing (Honorable Judge Tobiasson, Homicide etc.). The real problem person is sitting in prison where he belongs!

    • Doug Poppa
      Doug Poppa says:

      Just wow, If you are referring to Shane Valentine, his parole board hearing is scheduled for October 3. If he is granted parole he could be out within three weeks from that hearing! Also, don’t you find it interesting that the LVMPD have never challenged what Tobiasson told me during our recorded interview with her?
      By the way, she is still under investigation by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline. From what I am told they will be hearing that case on October 18th. And one more thing, why is it that the local Las Vegas media find it not newsworthy that a sitting judge made on the record statements about corruption and who was responsible for the murders and the Vegas media don’t report on that?

      • Just wow says:

        Doug, exactly who I am referring to is, Shane Valentine. If the parole board lets him out on early release all I can say is shame on them. He should serve the full sentence not only due to his violent nature, but because he has priors.

        Honorable Judge Tobiasson told the truth that is why it never has been challenged. I believe she was trying to do the right thing, and we as the public expect our elected officials to do the right thing even when they stand alone. I know for a fact there is a lot of truth in what she said!

        I don’t think the local media knows everything so they are treading lightly. There are a few good reporters like Knapp, Gentry and a few more. Gentry has done a few articles recently.

        • Doug Poppa
          Doug Poppa says:

          Just wow, I don’t see anything “honorable” about a sitting judge who admitted she broke the law by threatening Valentine through his attorney, then kicking in the door to his residence. Nothing “honorable” about a judge who deceives a grieving mother, Connie Land, by gaining her confidence, then scares the hell out of her by telling her that corrupt cops are taping her phone and have her under surveillance, then tells Land that the FBI was going to investigate her daughters death, which was a lie, and tells her to turn over her private communication messages to Det. Mitchell Dosch under the pretense that they were going to the FBI and then she turns the text messages over to a local reporter. Tobiasson called Dosch corrupt based on nothing. My investigation has uncovered nothing that leads me to believe that Dosch is or was ever corrupt, that is fact. Furthermore, after 8 News Now I-Team aired a segment of Tobiasson’s interview in April 2018, Tobiasson threatened the I-Team with legal action if they aired anymore of her interview, saying she did not want it aired at all. Tobiasson told me in my on the record recorded interview with her that she did want the segment aired and her statement to the investigator from the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline also conflicts with what she told them. The facts are what they are.

          • Just Wow says:

            Doug..our opinions surely are different. It’s okay to agree to disagree. Valentine’s attorney has never said anything but nice things about Honorable Judge Tobiasson, nor has he ever said she threatened his client.

            No doubt Connie Land is a grieving mother and I truely feel bad for her loss. Very devastating to lose a child. Then under those circumstans just horrific for the families. LVMPD did have the judge under surveillance which was out of line in my opinion. As far as Dosch and Grimmet they are both good cops and I have no doubt justice will come, nor have I ever heard the judge say anything bad about Dosch, so I can’t answer that. Nor was I present at any of her or Connie’s conversations. Honorable Judge Tobiasson has also been harassed and threatened I will leave it at that! Since when did we allow that to happen with a sitting judge, not acceptable! Not to mention, her heart was in the right place trying to do the right thing, and I respect her for that along with many other people.

      • Just Wow says:

        To add to it, I also think Homicide Detectives are still doing their job trying to solve the case! Regardless of what anyone thinks of Grimmet he is a good cop! If it were my daughter I would want him to stay on the case. What is more important than all the other stuff is the predators who created this horrific crime are brought to justice so they are not out on the streets to do it again! So for all of you who know do the right thing go forward! Grimmet wont oust you!

        The people who were in vice that were bad are no longer in vice! Should they have been prosecuted? Yes! So far they haven’t been and its not looking real good they they will ever be! Unfortunately, this created trust issues for the public, and all the good officers are paying the price! Mercer should have had to step down from her position for condoning it when she could have stopped it! She was in a position to stop it! So that lands on our DA. So what’s up with that Wolfson? To politically gang up on a judge who attempts to do the right thing even when others knew and didn’t step up is just despicable!

        And for a detective to oust any witness or victim is just shameful! Wether it was done intentional or non intentional doesn’t matter it should never happen!

        I think we need the three strikes you’re out law here in Vegas! We shouldn’t allow Las Vegas to become California!

  6. Snitch says:

    Doug. Why were you fired from police? Stalked wife while on patrol??? Then became snitch for Feds in Dupont case. Case went south bc you wanted to be paid before testifying?? Got fired from security position at Riviera and now a reporter for internet blog?? Yeah. You’re legit.

    • Doug Poppa
      Doug Poppa says:

      Do some research before you post nonsense because somebody told you something. I posted everything I was involved with years ago on social media including court records, newspaper articles and news videos. All available free of charge for anyone to peruse. So have some fun and do some research. The Baltimore Post-Examiner is not a blog, it’s an online news site. I’m glad I touched a nerve with you, must be somebody I wrote about and obviously the truth hurts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Snitch, try running over to LVMPD and snitching who done it! That would be more productive.

      • Doug Poppa
        Doug Poppa says:

        You’re right on Anonymous, somebody put a bullet into Sydney Land’s and Nehemiah Kauffman’s heads and those responsible are still out there. I believe it is the only unsolved double homicide in Las Vegas. Both parents lost a child, makes no difference what they may or may not have ben involved in. Murder is murder. And there are those out there that know the truth, but by their silence they protect the killer(s) and condone what they did. Like I said, sooner or later the killer(s) will start eliminating those that could put them behind bars for murder.

  7. Annomous says:

    Doug. Why were you fired from police? Stalked wife while on patrol??? Then became snitch for Feds in Dupont case. Case went south bc you wanted to be paid before testifying?? Got fired from security position at Riviera and now a reporter for internet blog?? Yeah. You’re legit.

  8. Suzie says:

    It isn’t on their cold case because it isn’t cold. They know exactly who did it, they just choose not to arrest them because the suspects are codefendants to the corrupt vice officers and brass and if they want to keep them silent, they can’t ever charge them. Why else would Det. Dosch go visit him every month in prison. Not even LVMPD would cover up a double homicide in order to protect a snitch, which Shane is. But they would cover up a double homicide in order to protect someone they are doing business with which explains why they ignored anyone who ever reported Shane’s criminal activities. What they don’t ever want him or Frankie or Domo to do is snitch on them !!!

    • Doug Poppa
      Doug Poppa says:

      It’s not a cold case list. It’s an open case, unsolved homicides log on their website. The Land/Kauffman murders should have been listed in the open cases for 2016. That site is used to develop sources from people who may have information on open homicide cases. If the case is not mentioned, that would negate it not getting publicity.

  9. Anon says:

    Continuously putting down the Homicide Division of LVMPD or Grimmet (who by the way is a damn good detective, FACT!) is not going to help the case, solve the case or make anybody who has information want to come forward! Nobody would wants to be thrown into your media drama that you dish out on people or their families, so its you who is making it hard on Detectives to get anybody to cooperate! And why would they when you blast their names, their families names and pictures out there for everyone to see and put them at risk!

    And I’m sure it was Capt. Roxanne who got picture put back up on website. Thanks Capt. Roxanne if that makes victims families feel better. She has always been a good caring cop! And actually a lot of them are good, but you just want everyone to believe all of them are bad. Not the case Mr. Poppa!

    • Doug Poppa
      Doug Poppa says:

      Get your facts straight before you write. The police made “mistakes” that compromised this case, there is no debate about that. If you have read any of my stories you would see that everything I write comes from either on the record interviews, publicly available records, media statements by the police, and social media postings which are public. What is sad is that there are those out there that know who was responsible for the murders and apparently as of yet haven’t come forward as it’s almost three years since the murders were committed and nobody has been charged in this case. You don’t close cases by sitting around waiting for the phone the ring, thinking that someone is going to get a come to Jesus moment and confess. Cases are made by pounding the concrete, making calls and never giving up.

  10. Kay says:

    It is on LVMPD website now.

  11. Annonymous says:

    How sad typo! Also, condolences to Kaufman family.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How said is this? Condolences to the Land family.

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