Understanding the CBD Entourage Effect and Its Benefits 

Cannabis is a complex plant species that contains many different compounds. Hemp and marijuana are two of the most commonly known cannabis types that have been studied extensively in recent years. These studies have helped researchers identify hundreds of compounds present in them. While some of these compounds are widely available in nature, some others are unique to the plant.

The most abundant compounds in cannabis include cannabinoids such as CBD and terpenes. In order to discover their potential applications and therapeutic benefits, these compounds have been studied by several researchers around the world. Current anecdotal evidence, as well as research, indicates that the therapeutic benefits of these compounds are superior when they are consumed together in the form of a whole plant, compared to as an isolated and individual compound. This is exactly what is referred to as the entourage effect of CBD.

Entourage Effect Explained: 

In an article published in 1998, renowned cannabis researcher Raphael Mechoulam discussed the entourage effect for the first time. However, the phrase was popularized much later in 2011, following the publication of a paper by Dr. Ethan Russo.

The studies conducted by these researchers indicated that when the different compounds present in cannabis are consumed together, synergistic interactions take place. When various cannabinoids and terpenes are consumed together, the therapeutic benefits are superior to those offered by a single compound taken in isolation.

Consumption of CBD and THC together is a classical example of the entourage effect. In this case, in addition to the individual effects of both cannabinoids, CBD is proven to reduce THC’s psychoactive impact.

It is strongly believed nowadays that the best way to benefit from the entourage effect is to look for CBD products that are rich in cannabinoid and terpene and contain a complete or broad spectrum of compounds.

Single-Molecule CBD Isolate:

CBD isolates are white powders readily available these days in the market. This substance is also used by many companies as the main ingredient while creating their product line partly or entirely. Isolates are produced by processing full-spectrum hemp oil extract in a way so that only the cannabidiol (CBD) molecules are retained.

Though relatively less effective, isolates provide a THC-free option for consumers that have a negative perception of THC. These products have a versatile application and can be produced inexpensively. However, isolates are often produced from low-quality hemp. Learning about the additional benefits of a whole-plant extract can definitely be an eye-opener for individuals that regularly use isolate-based products.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits:

Extraction of a high-quality hemp source in professional laboratory results in the creation of a CBD-rich oil with a chemical profile reflecting the original plant material’s chemical profile. As the whole plant extract contains all the cannabis compounds present in the source plant, it is referred to as full-spectrum.

As already mentioned, full-spectrum CBD products contain numerous cannabinoids and terpenes capable of delivering cooperative and neighboring benefits when they are consumed together. When it comes to effectiveness, full-spectrum products are strongly recommended over CBD isolates.

Broad Spectrum as a THC-Free Option:

The only limitation of full-spectrum products is the presence of THC, as many individuals are not interested in consuming THC. Until recently, the option for these consumers was to use CBD isolate. However, recent advances in extraction technology have resulted in the development of a new product spectrum.

The production of broad-spectrum CBD products involves the removal of just the THC from a full-spectrum CBD product.  Without the presence of THC, these products offer the maximum entourage effectiveness to users that consider THC to be troublesome. Therefore, individuals interested in THC-free CBD options should look beyond isolates and consider the superior broad-spectrum products.

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