Tulips are finally blooming at Sherwood Gardens 

Mother Nature has been a wee bit contrary lately. Even though Spring has officially been here in Maryland, for a month, there was little evidence, tulip-blooming wise, to prove it.

A beautiful, sunny, warm Saturday,  however, proved a decisive turning point. Many, but not all of the tulips are now out in full glorious colors in Baltimore’s own Sherwood Gardens. It’s a six-acre park of green located in north Baltimore, just south of Loyola College. It borders on Greenway, East Highfield, Stratford & Underwood. The Guilford Association now owns the fabulous gardens. It claims, at full capacity, about 60,000 tulips.

The word tulip comes from the French tulipe. Originally, the tulips were imported from the Netherlands, when the grounds were the property of John S. Sherwood. Now, the local association organizes the planting from U.S. sources.

Other flowers seen blooming throughout the gardens include dogwoods, cherries, wisteria, azaleas, and magnolias.

Young children particularly love the gardens. There is plenty of room for them to run around and play and climb a tree if they feel up to it. Kicking a ball seems to be the prime choice of enjoyment for many of them on this glorious Saturday afternoon.

Also, if you’re up for it, bring the family/friends to Sherwood and hold a picnic on the greens. There is room enough to enjoy and plenty of trees to camp under. The park is also dog-friendly. The squirrels, rabbits, and birds will also be around, hoping for leftovers from your lunches.

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