Trump’s firing of US Attorney Preet Bharara raises questions

Preet Bharara and his wife. Wikipedia.

WASHINGTON – The firing of former United States Attorney, Preet Bharara this past Saturday by the Trump Administration will forever raise questions that will undoubtedly lead to more questions that will most likely never get answered.

That is if President Donald Trump and his Administration follow the path they have paved for themselves since taking office, and that is one of no transparency.

It’s Trump’s way or no way, believe what I say and don’t question me.

Preet Bharara

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy, with his crazy rants and outrageous statements and downright lies that often leaves his staff with the unwelcomed task of trying to spin some common-sense answers to questions that they know cannot be truthfully answered.

Granted the President has the right to fire any U.S. Attorney but when juxtaposed with the fact that Trump told Preet Bharara after being elected that he wanted to Bharara to stay on as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York my question to President Trump would be why did you change your mind.

Does not a man’s word count for anything anymore, after all the measure of any man is the conviction of his word.

Is there something more sinister in the ousting of Preet Bharara who has one of the best records of any U.S. Attorney in going after Wall Street criminals and corrupt public officials.

During his campaign, Donald Trump preached time and again about going after corrupt officials and cleaning up the cesspool in Washington, so why now would President Trump oust a corruption fighter like Preet Bharara who has a proven record of doing just that.

Was President Trump worried that ongoing corruption investigations in the Southern District of New York may have been getting just a little too close for comfort for him and his political and Wall Street friends?

If Donald Trump is truly a man of his word, the man who vowed to combat corruption wherever it raises its ugly head, maybe now President Trump should oust his untrustworthy Attorney General, Jeff Sessions and replace him with Preet Bharara a man who has shown the American public that he has a proven track record of fighting corruption wherever it leads.